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About ULTIMATRUE Engineering Industries

Working closely with customers, engineers and consultants, ULTIMATRUE Engineering Industries offers a wide array of electrical and electronic products and services.
Taking a glimpse of the company's portfolio, ULTIMATRUE

  • Designs and assembles its own elevator control boards
  • Designs and manufactures low voltage switchgear solutions
  • Has a Research and Development department, continuously introducing new products and concepts
  • Offers a variety of electrical and electronic products of prestigious brands
  • Offers a range of services including support and after-sales

An established and reputed player in the market, ULTIMATRUE has earned name with its valuable products and services. We welcome you in ULTIMATRUE Engineering Industries in a world of advanced scientific thinking and the endeavor for success beyond any limits.


In view of the fact that ULTIMATRUE takes prospering national industry as its own responsibility, the company was founded with a dream and a determination to bring to Egypt world-class products and services for power distribution, control, protection and generation. Since its foundation, the company has worked relentlessly towards this goal.

Through its vision and imagination, strengthened by its continuous pursuit for excellence, ULTIMATRUE successfully coupled high quality technologies with an experienced management and production team, in order to fulfill the needs of its customers. However, it must be acknowledged that the backbone of ULTIMATRUE's reputation of full customer satisfaction is its well trained employees.

Innovation, ambition, and leadership; sincerity, respect and determination; all are pillars to ULTIMATRUE's agenda of success and prosperity.

These values are the foundation of ULTIMATRUE's culture and are the key to the development of a constructive and a collaborative environment. These values help ULTIMATRUE’s team work together seamlessly to face the diverse challenges, whether political, financial or ethical, that the company confronts in light of the rapid international changes.


The Vision of ULTIMATRUE is to grow from the currently strong operating base into becoming one of the most successful electrical and electronic enterprises in the Middle East, and eventually in the world.

As opportunities arise ULTIMATRUE intends to capitalize upon existing potential for corporate development through targeting new local markets, introducing new product divisions, exporting to surrounding countries and encouraging international companies to outsource their manufacturing operations to ULTIMATRUE.

The plan for the future is to expand the company's market reach through implementing the existing domestic strategy on the short-run combined with an international market expansion program on the long-run

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