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Posted on 2021-04-01 15:15:35
The 5th International Specialized Exhibition and Conference on Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Heating, Thermal Insulation and Energy
An expected dream and a saying become a true: Egypt is currently witnessing an unprecedented growth in all fields. How not when the political leadership said   " its word that "Egypt will turn into another country that the world has not heard of And here is the dream come true, and the saying has become tangible actions on the ground. So we see things that did not occur to us, even after years and years, but generations and generations. A growth  in all areas of political, economic, social, industrial, residential, agricultural, and other aspects of life, which we could not limit due to the large number of achievements. Egypt does not pay any attention to any obstacle impeding its progress, nor does it turn to anyone trying to drag it back. And it will not shake it if the whole world will be shaken by the Corona pandemic.  Which is still claiming the lives and economies of entire countries. For Egypt to say its word that it is safe and reassuring, thanks to God Almighty. Then thanks to its sons who do not hesitate to support its leadership and stands behind everyone who tries to push the wheel of progress and prosperity forward. The international exhibition and conference is on an important official aspect: The Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy overlooks us and enters through the big door of the Egypt International Exhibition Center in New Cairo. The company revealed Cairo Expo, which is a specialized and pioneering company in organizing exhibitions and conferences. On the launch of the activities of the 5th session of the international exhibition and conference "HVAC-R EGYPT EXPO - ASHRAE CAIRO". The specialist in the field of refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, thermal insulation and energy. And that is from 1: 3 of April of the year 2021, located in the Egypt Exhibition Center in the axis of the Field Marshal Tantawi. It also participates in this annual event, which is the most important of its kind in our dear Egypt and the Middle East. In the fields of refrigeration and air conditioning industries, the largest companies specialized in the field of heating, energy, thermal insulation, refrigeration and air conditioning, both Egyptian and foreign. The Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy at the head of the conference attendees: The Egyptian official side, represented by the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy, was keen. And headed by His Excellency Dr. / Mohamed Shaker Al-Marqbi, Minister of Electricity, to attend and honor the conference and its activities. In addition to the large participation of a number of board members of the Chamber of Building Materials Industry, Ashry Pyramids Association and Ashri Cairo. And a large number of heads of banks and financial institutions and heads of export councils. This is in addition to ambassadors for African countries and ambassadors of foreign and Arab countries in Cairo, the capital of the great nation. Events of the International Exhibition and Conference: He also added a statement from the Cairo Expo Company. The conference is scheduled to contain a number of seminars and discussions on the future of the air conditioning and refrigeration industry. The exhibition reviews everything new in the fields of ventilation, thermal insulation, cooling systems, spare parts for handling units, and protection and control systems. As well as cooling towers, ventilation systems, tubes, fire protection, fans, boilers, and solar energy systems. Activities accompanying the International Exhibition and Conference: The conference is also honored by the presence of a number of professors specializing in these fields. And who do scientific and practical lectures in all areas covered by the conference. The exhibition also includes an overview of the opportunities and challenges facing these industries and the means for their growth and development. In addition, attendees were informed of every international experience and the latest global regulations regarding this important industrial sector. A real opportunity during the exhibition: Also, this international exhibition and conference is a real opportunity for exhibiting companies to bypass the recession in the local and international markets during the previous period. Which was caused by the Corona virus, may God protect us from it. Which negatively affected the growth rates of local and international markets. The impact of the real estate market on the exhibition: This international conference and exhibition comes in light of a real boom in the real estate sector that Egypt has brought about in that field. By adopting the political leadership to establish high-quality housing units and compounds available to all who wish. The extent of the direct correlation between the real estate sector and the areas of refrigeration and air conditioning, and the extent of the recovery of this industry with the recovery of the real estate market. Extraordinary session: The conference takes place under exceptional circumstances for the first time in its history. Where the authorities involved in organizing this exhibition and the Cairo Expo Company have taken all precautionary measures, including sterilization and disinfection. This is to preserve visitors to its exhibition in light of the global outbreak of the Coronavirus. The history of the exhibition: It is noteworthy that this exhibition is not held for the first time, but rather that its activities were held in previous years and it was the best it could be. Thanks to the companies that participated in it and were very carefully selected by the organizing company. Which had a great positive impact in determining the quality of the attendees and the extent of their great interest in achieving the best results in the areas of the exhibition. There is no doubt that the recent economic and political climate in Egypt. It has had a great impact on the success of any commercial or economic activity. Long live Egypt for its children and the children of Egypt for the elevation of their homeland Constguide company, the media partner of the exhibition, invites you for 3 days to participate in specialized workshops and learn about different modern technologies in the field of refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, thermal insulation and energy through communication with more than 190 Egyptian, Arab and foreign companies The exhibition is being held at the Egypt International Exhibition Center - New Cairo During the period from 1 to 3 April Register here : http://www.hvacregypt.com
Posted on 2021-02-24 15:00:56
El Sewedy Electric signs a new purchase contract for a company in East Asia
El Sewedy Electric has signed a purchase and appeal contract for a company specialized in manufacturing electrical transformers in East Asia. Enough to finalize the name and the deal Who is El Sewedy Electric Company? El Sewedy Electric Company is an Egyptian company founded in 1960 and its main field is the production of electrical cables, transformers and electrical circuit breakers. From here you can see the most important products of El Sewedy Company: - Products Where the company works on designing, constructing, operating as well as maintenance work for all types of power plants. With the availability of the necessary accessories and connections. From here you can see the most important information about the company and its projects El Sewedy Electric Company for Trade and Distribution works in the largest national and Arab projects, such as the South Valley Development Project, which announced in its latest statement sent to the Egyptian Stock Exchange that it had signed a contract worth 711 million pounds in order to complete the "Infrastructure in the South Valley" project. Within 3 months, the project will be delivered and the mechanics, roads, water networks and electrical works will be completed. Constguide The first construction guide in Egypt and the Arab world We follow carefully what is happening in the engineering fields with the most important tenders and major deals and news of industry men and local and regional companies and attendance at the most prominent conferences and exhibitions in Egypt and the Arab world We are honored to join the elite of companies in the field of construction, contracting, engineering consultancy and major industrial companies. Constguide Through it, every engineer, procurement manager, or business owner can wander among the corridors of major companies in one place quickly and easily. By subscribing to the e-mail from here, subscribe with us and identify the most important companies that provide services, consultations or products that you need in your project. With obtaining a quote And contact all the companies registered with us. Or register your company and the services it offers on the largest engineering specialist site to subscribe as a company from here. Subscribe with us. Constguide strive to achieve your goal of reaching everything you need with one click on your mobile screen, quickly, accurately and easily.
Posted on 2020-12-03 13:36:17
Rufiji Dam Hydropower Project by Egyptian arms
A consortium of the Arab Contractors and the Elsewedy Electric. was awarded a tender to build the hydropower dam, Rufiji Dam or Nyerere Dam is one of the biggest hydropower projects on the whole African continent .now, being constructed on Rufiji River in Tanzania the heart of Africa. This project was established in 2018 and will be completed and inaugurated in 2022. It should be noted, however, that the Rufiji River is entirely within the borders of Tanzania. Its length is about 600 kilometers. It originates in southwestern Tanzania and flows into the Indian Ocean, and is about 200 kilometers south of Dar es Salaam. The dam is not located at any of the sources of the Nile River. for more details about Rufiji dam read the article: Tanzania Dam from idea to establish The alliance of "Arab Contractors and Sewedy Electric" wins the tender for Rufiji Dam. The consortium of " Arab Contractors and elSewedy Electric‎ Contractors" won the tender of the Tanzanian government to build the Rofiji Dam, where many Egyptian, Lebanese, Brazilian, Turkish ... Chinese companies competed. Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi agreed with president Magufuli "that the work on the construction of the dam will be carried out under the supervision of the Engineering Authority of the Egyptian Armed Forces. The contract was signed between the parties concerned in December 2018. The Arab Contractors ... works in many African countries in the road, infrastructure, and construction projects as well. Stages of building the Rufiji Dam Rufiji Dam, after completing its construction on an area of ​​1350 km, within 42 months, to become one of the largest dams in the world. And the fourth dam in Africa. The first stage: during the first 6 months It is the stage of site preparation and employment in terms of initial preparations for construction and training as well. The second stage: 3 years And through it, the actual implementation of the Rufiji Dam project, as it is expected that the project will be completed in 2022. he most prominent problems that Tanzania faces to build the Rufiji Dam There are many challenges and obstacles in completing the utilization of the Tanzania Dam Project Floods and Climate Dam construction workers are facing a heavy rainy climate with multiple floods now 4 floods during 2019-2020 .To complete the project, the project managers are looking for ways to adapt and find solutions to continue construction work within the specified timetable. Implementation time and the expected cost. The Egyptian consortium won the project based on a budget of $ 2.9 billion and the implementation within 42 months, which is a difficult challenge in the opinion of many experts, who expected a double budget with more years to complete the project with high quality and efficiency. This is a challenge for Arab Contractors and Sewedy Electric Contractors companies to prove the ability of the Egyptian contracting sector to the challenge, which may contribute to the expansion of projects within Africa after that.
Posted on 2020-11-30 08:11:00
Benya Contracts with ECG to Establish Factory for Optical Fibers in SCZone
On November 24, 2020, “ECG Engineering Consultants Group” signed an agreement with “Benya Cables” for the design and construction supervision of Benya New Headquarters and Cable Factory; worth EGP 1bn in investments and which will be constructed in the Suez Canal economic zone. “This comes within the framework of the final steps to establish the largest fiber optic cable factory in Egypt, Africa, and the Middle East; and in line with President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi’s directives to transfer and localize modern technology whilst working to reduce imports, thus contributing to increasing the added value of Egyptian products and achieving smart digitization in giant digital projects”, as AOI Arab Organization for Industrialization’s President Abdel Moneim El-Terras said. The signature of the contract was announced in Benya’s booth in Cairo ICT 2020. ECG Executive Director, Omar Elsayed, stated that ECG devotes its expertise to provide the consultancy services in accordance with the international quality standards and fourth industrial revolution criteria; aiming at establishing an integrated factory with smart digital production lines that meets local market needs for optical fiber cables and exports to the MENA region. Benya CEO, Essam Khafaji, expressed his happiness to cooperate with ECG in launching digital transformation projects in Egypt, especially in light of the major national projects carried out in the fields of new cities, technological infrastructure, and smart applications.
Posted on 2020-10-29 22:50:18
The economic situation in Egypt during the last 6 months
The Egyptian economy, and the status of construction and contracting companies: - All economic sectors have been affected by the repercussions of the closure imposed by the Corona pandemic and decisions and procedures have contributed to increasing pressures on the construction sector, the latest of which is the decision to stop licenses and construction work for a period of 6 months in all governorates of Egypt. This decision exacerbated the construction and contracting companies' crises. Eng. Shams El-Din Youssef, a member of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Federation of Construction and Building Contractors, a member of the Compensation Committee, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al Shams Contracting Company. He believes that the law gives the state the right to review all licenses and apply the law to violators in the implementation work and the law allows the state to implement this without need. To take the decision to suspend licenses, which affected many contracting companies in the governorates for contracting to supply raw materials and building materials, in addition to that the decision contributed to laying off a large number of workers and increasing the number of unemployment in difficult circumstances that everyone is going through. In spite of this, a large proportion of construction and contracting companies affiliated with the New Urban Communities and Cities Authority and mega-projects such as the New Administrative Capital, the New Alamein City, and a number of fourth-generation cities are not subject to this decision and have not been affected by the suspension of building licenses. In May 2020, the Central Bank included the construction and contracting sector for the industrial and agricultural private sector initiative, in order to help reduce the burden on contracting companies, provide the necessary liquidity to complete their projects, as well as increase the employment rate in the sector. Central Bank Initiative Text: - The Central Bank issued a decision to include contracting companies whose turnover and annual revenues reach 50 million pounds or more for the initiative that states:  Availability of 100 billion pounds through banks with an annual 8% diminishing return to finance industrial companies and companies operating in the agricultural field on a regular basis and the aim of including the construction and contracting sector for the initiative is to reduce the financial burdens borne by contracting companies and in order to help provide the necessary liquidity to complete projects. As well as encouraging companies to participate. in the initiative, to reflect positively on the entire contracting sector. Construction and contracting companies ’opinion on the Central Bank’s initiative: -  The opinions of officials of local contracting companies differed regarding their benefit from the Central Bank's decision to include them in the initiative. ● Some believe that they were able to benefit and obtain financing to complete their projects that were disrupted due to the Corona pandemic on the one hand, and their delayed financial dues with government agencies on the other hand. ● While others believe that the conditions imposed by the Central Bank are incapable of contracting for new projects. Many senior economic officials in Egypt see the construction sector as the locomotive of the economy and it has great importance in circulating cash liquidity in many other sectors.  Structuring the conditions of construction and contracting companies: - The Egyptian state has tended to structure the conditions of contracting companies, especially the small companies that represent the vast majority in the Egyptian Federation of Construction and Building Contractors, and they are the main public on which it relies on the implementation of many projects. The conditions of the profession are gradually being structured, the efficiency of the entities working in it is raised, and classification mechanisms have been introduced in front of construction and contracting companies so that each seeks to possess a strong technical, administrative and financial apparatus suitable for promotion, raising its degree to a higher category, and entering into larger work, and adding new specializations in the sector helped. With the development plans for the real estate market to create new opportunities for work in the country for contracting companies in various fields, including: Building maintenance work. Maintenance and renovation of roads. Maintenance and renovation of facilities. This small contractor contributed to working strongly despite the difficult situation in recent times. It also contributed to supporting the preservation of the state's real estate wealth and economic growth. And the last thing that was done to improve the level of work and open the way for the construction and contracting sector in Egypt held  ref: almal news for more news about construction; industrial world:constguide news constguide :- It covers also construction news, tenders, the Encyclopedia, magazine, and jobs Required in the field of construction in the Middle East and Africa. The platform offers a search engine for companies involved in construction activities including Clients, consultants, contractors, sub-contractors, developers, suppliers, and Tenders.
Posted on 2020-10-29 21:14:39
 Reconciliation law and the construction and building sector in Egypt
In recent months, many information and news have circulated related to the "reconciliation" law and the effect of this law on a large number of citizens, as well as companies operating in the field of construction and buildings, and most of the major companies working in the construction and building sector abide by all legal standards for construction, as well as safety and protection factors. But random construction is more than the law has been subjected to in order to organize and protect. The law of reconciliation and settlement of legal violations related to construction on state land is required. And also the law has been rejecting buildings that violate safety and security requirements and pose a threat to the lives of citizens. An application for a settlement and the decision shall be based on the visit and report of the advisory committee. The advisory committee makes a detailed report on the thickness of the concrete pillars, the load distribution, studies all building plans, examines the building specifications for comparison, and answers the most important question: "Is the building compatible and suitable for the needs on ‎which the building's license is given?” The advantages of the reconciliation law for the construction sector and building: - • The main objective of the law is to protect life and property • Evaluating and classifying buildings throughout the Arab Republic of Egypt during the last 20 years • Identifying buildings that are dangerous and unsafe for residents to deal with • Knowing whether the building can be restored and repaired or demolished, whether in whole or in part. Cons of the Reconciliation Law for the Construction and Building Sector: - • The short period of reconciliation and submission of requests, especially with the increasing numbers of registration. • Increased pressure on advisory committees may lead to routine inspection and failure to provide a complete report. • The collapse of one building that was evaluated and settled according to the law after reconciliation, the law may lose its relevance. The most important situations in which reconciliation is prohibited: - • Exceeding the building of floors in height, in violation of civil aviation decisions. • Not submitting a request to reconcile construction conditions on state-owned lands. • Building violation of the construction requirement on lands under the protection of the Antiquities Authority • Violation of construction requirements for building on lands that are protected by beaches and the Nile. • Buildings violating structural safety. • Buildings in violation of the decisions of the Ministry of Defense. Safety tests for buildings and constructions: - Buildings higher than 6 floors are tested through • Examine the general structure of the building. • The quality of concrete used in building and construction • The ability of concrete to bear “Soil is one among the foremost important factors affecting building safety. It may be that all the components of the building and construction process conform to specifications accurately. In terms of concrete bearing capacity, mixing ratios, and appropriate height, but ... the building may nonetheless pose a danger due to the nature of the soil and the ground on which the building is being constructed. Engineers must take into account the nature of the soil and treat it before embarking on building and construction, regardless of money, time, or effort that costs to preserve the security and safety of the building and the lives of citizens. In the end, the reconciliation law, despite the objection of some citizens to it because of the cost and the sums that must be paid, starting from the registration fees and up to the amount that is estimated ... However, the importance of inventorying, recording and evaluating buildings, protecting citizens and preserving lives and property is one of the most important advantages of the law. The current situation also informs us that building and construction by major companies that have a prominent name and history in the engineering community is the most appropriate choice for real estate investment and the preservation of money and lives. ref: alaharm news for more news about construction &industrial world: constguide news constguide : It covers also construction news, tenders, the Encyclopedia, magazine, and jobs Required in the field of construction in the Middle East and Africa. The platform offers a search engine for companies involved in construction activities including Clients, consultants, contractors, sub-contractors, developers, suppliers, and Tenders.
Posted on 2020-10-19 12:54:20
ICEC is the ideal platform for global industry leaders to deliver sustainable intelligent cities for the future generations
ROOT Technologies, the organizer of Intelligent Cities Exhibition & Conference (ICEC) (www.icec-mea.com), has announced the dates of the 6th round of Intelligent Cities Exhibition & Conference (ICEC Africa’s ) and The Middle East foremost smart and sustainable cities event is about to require ‎at 27-28 October 2020 in Cairo, Egypt.‎ The conference is devoted to promoting knowledge sharing while the exhibition space allows participants to showcase their innovations, technologies, and products to key decision-makers. Ahmed Issa, CEO, ROOT Technologies commented by saying  “Each year we make a breakthrough in delivering sustainable intelligent cities for the longer term ‎generations." Over the years ICEC has been fantastically well-received, and ICEC 2020 will be even more successful. With senior-level decision-makers and participants in attendance, we received tremendous feedback from our attendees, speakers, and sponsors alike on the quality of the content, networking, generated business opportunities, and the overall experience, making ICEC the must-attend event to meet global industry leaders and engage in megaprojects.” What is the ICEC? It is the leading event to gain insight on how to generate significant returns by turning your development into an intelligent sustainable city, which brings together. All the most influential consultants, Developers, -mixed-use developers, city planners, vendors, technology providers, systems integrators, architects, designers,  Real estate investors,  Government and telecom authorities. As well as contractors and building material providers. ICEC is backed by industry leaders such as ECG - HitekNOFAL Solutions -Corning - Multinet -  Smarttel to name a few. It is that the leading event to realize insight on the way to generate significant returns by turning your ‎development into an intelligent sustainable city. Why Intelligent Cities will become essential? Intelligent Cities have become essential to achieve a better quality of life for current and future generations. It is also one of the biggest growth areas impacting sectors such as the ICT, energy, transport, and real estate sectors. Driven by the demand for advanced and 'always on' solutions and services, the Middle East is expected to play a leading role. The need to improve existing infrastructure as well as efficiently maximizing current resources is further fueling demand. Intelligent cities bring value-added benefits to developers and city planners by increasing investment returns. While new services built on leading-edge technologies enrich citizens’ quality ‎of life.‎ What is ICEC Features? FTTx -  Residential & Enterprise Cabling -Triple Play - Telecom - Mobility - Data Centers - Command & Control Centers - Electrical Distribution & Smart Grids - Wiring Devices - Internet of Things - Home Automation - BMS - HVAC - Access Control - Water Control & Pumps - Fire & Security Systems - Surveillance - Digital Signage - Unified Communications - High Speed Communication - Outdoor & Street Lighting - LED Lighting - Power Plants - Renewable Energies - Solar & Wind Fields - Green Technology - Environmental Analysis - Water & Waste Water Treatment - Irrigation Systems - Industrial Systems - Garbage Collection Systems - Eco-friendly Transportation Systems - Connected Cars - Parking Systems - Facilities Management Systems & Applications - Meteorological Technologies - ERP - Big Data - Cloud Computing - M2M - Artificial Intelligence - Blockchain - Information Security - E-Learning, E-Health & E-Finance - Elevators, Escalators & Moving Walks - Green Building Materials. “ICEC is a must-attend event for those committed to achieving an urban future by developing smart and sustainable cities and we’re looking forward to welcoming participants to Cairo,” concluded Issa. How you get registration? Registration for ICEC 2020 is open.  To obtain a free exhibition pass and learn more about ICEC 2020, including sponsorship opportunities, please visit  www.icec-mea.com.   for more news about construction; industrial world:constguide news constguide :- It covers also construction news, tenders, the Encyclopedia, magazine, and jobs Required in the field of construction in the Middle East and Africa. The platform offers a search engine for companies involved in construction activities including Clients, consultants, contractors, sub-contractors, developers, suppliers, and Tenders.          
Posted on 2020-09-19 12:42:09
Amazon Is Considering Building Its Largest Warehouse in Egypt
Amazon begins negotiations to build warehouses in the new city of Sohag, Egypt, as preliminary negotiations have begun on the purchase of an area of ​​approximately 100 acres in the city of Sohag in Upper Egypt to establish warehouses to fully serve Egypt, the Middle East, and North Africa, due to the increasing demand for Amazon products in the Middle East. The warehouse in New Sohag is likely to be one of the largest Amazon warehouses in the world, and Amazon has contacted the relevant authorities to determine the appropriate places for the project. Procedures are being made to negotiate the proposed price from Sohag, where it submitted a bid to sell the square meter at a value of $ 54.56. Sohag Industrial City has witnessed a boom and economic growth that may raise the price of land there to (71.70 dollars) per square meter. Building a warehouse for one of the giant companies in the field of electronic commerce in Egypt will help economic growth and increase service companies in the new city of Sohag. The most important of which are the means of transportation and shipping to and from the warehouse. In the coming days, we will witness the construction news and who are the companies that will undertake the implementation work. Constguide? To know the most important companies in Egypt in all industrial fields. "building and construction and constructions, electricity, machinery and equipment, finishes and decorations, furniture ... etc." The first guide to the world of construction in Egypt "Constguide" Every engineer, contractor, and specialized companies have an integrated world in your hands online, through which you can browse the most important news of the world of industry and construction, the most important local and regional tenders, as well as the jobs available to major companies in Egypt and the Middle East, and ways to join and apply for them. Companies guide from here Follow the most important news through facebook linkedin  Ref :amazon news  
Posted on 2020-05-15 04:05:06
The Prime Minister: Assignments from President El Sisi to complete all the metro phases
Dr. Moustafa Madbouli – Prime Minister was inspecting the final stages of Cairo Metro Line 3 – Phase 4B. He was accompanied with Lieutenant General Kamel El Wazir – Minister of Transport, Major Gen. Khaled Abdel Aal – Cairo Governor, Dr. Essam Wali - Chairman of the National Authority for Tunnels, Eng. Mohsen Salah – CEO and Chairman of the Arab Contractors Company, Eng. Osama Bishai — CEO of Orascom Construction, Eng. Eman Soliman - AC Board Member, Eng. Osama Moustafa – Manager of JV of the Arab Contractors Company and Orascom Construction, Eng. Ahmed Shawki – Commercial Manager of the JV and Eng. Abdel Hay Badawy – Project Manager. Before starting his inspection tour, Prime Minister emphasized that this visit comes within the framework of the governmental efforts to develop all the utilities of the transport sector, serve the development objectives and contribute to facilitating the life of the citizens. He pointed out that the utility of the metro is an important vital artery which transports millions of passengers daily. He added that there are assignments from President Abdel Fattah El Sisi to complete all the phases of the metro and improve its services in accordance with taking all the necessary precautions procedures to confront the virus in the various worksites. The Minister of Transport declared that Cairo Metro Line 3 – Phase4B total length is 7.8km, it includes 6 higher stations: El Nozha - Hesham Barakat –Omar ibn El Khatab – Qebaa – Haykesteb – Adly Mansour. The operation tests and final stages for the stations will be completed to settle the service plan upon the arrival of the required testing equipment and the foreign experts to issue the safety operation certificate especially within the crisis of Novel Coronavirus. The Transport Minister pointed out that Cairo Metro Line 3 resembles the linkage between Line 1 which is the oldest line of the metro network which interchange the service with it in Nasser Station; Line 2 which interchange the service with it in Attaba and Cairo University stations. In addition to theses, Line 3 interchanges with the Monorail of the New Administrative Capital in Stad station and exchanges the passengers’ service with Monorail of 6 October in Wadi El Nil station. It is the linkage with the LRT (El Salam/ New Administrative Capital) in Adly Mansour station. He stated that the political leadership instructions regarding the metro based on continuing the implementation works and development of the metro according to the highest standards and specifications, especially with the importance of the metro projects as one of the main solutions to achieve traffic liquidity and ease the movements of the citizens. He pointed out that the total cost of Cairo Metro Line 3 reached 97 billion EGP. He added that the implementation of Cairo Metro Line 3 - Phase 3 is ongoing. It extends from Attaba to El Kit Kat; then it branched toward the north to the final station at Rod El Farag Axis and at the south to Cairo University with a length of 17.7km, it includes 15 stations. It is divided into 3 parts: The first part with a total length 4km from Attaba to El Kit Kat; it includes 4 underground stations: Gamal Abdel Nasser – Maspero – ElZamalek – El Kit Kat; it is scheduled to be inaugurated on December 2021. The second part: 6.6km length; extends from El Kit Kat to the interchange station at Rod El Farag Axis. It includes 6 stations (a ground station: El Sudan, 4 higher stations: Imbaba - El Bohy – El Qawmia El Arabia and the Ring Road, at-grade station: the interchange station at Rod El Farag Axis. It is scheduled to be inaugurated on June 2022. The third part: 7.1km length; extends from El Kit Kat to Cairo University station. It includes 5 stations (3 ground station: El Tawfikia– Wadi El Nile – Gameat El Dewal, a higher stations: Cairo University, at-grade station: Boulak El Dakrour. It is scheduled to be inaugurated on April 2023. Dr. Moustafa Madbouli listened to a brief explanation from the Head of NAT about the strategic plan of the electric traction means for Greater Cairo; which includes the metro lines, LRT, Monorail of the New Administrative Capital and the Monorail of 6 October City. During his tour in El Nozha station, the Prime Minister and his companions inspected the ticket windows, the entry and exits gates. The first electronic wallet card was printed from this station to the Prime Minister to pass from the entry gate to the station platform. Then, Dr. Moustafa Madbouli and his companion ride the test locomotive and passed the stations of Hesham Barakat – Qebaa - Omar ibn El Khatab – Haykesteb – Adly Mansour interchange station which is considered a model for Multimodal Transport that it will include CML3, shuttle bus of LRT and the railway of Ain Shams/Suez. The Transport Minister inspected the implementation works for the workshop of CML3, its total area is 65 feddans … it is considered the biggest workshop in Middle East and Africa. It includes a huge garage built upon 20000 which comprises 15 railways; each one of them accommodates 2 trains with a total of 30 trains. It is a noteworthy that the Phase 4A was opened to the public; it extends from Haroun/Nadi El Shams with a length of 3.7km, it includes 4 underground stations which divided into 2 phases: the first phase in June 2019 and includes 3 stations: Haroun - Nadi El Shams – Alf Maskn. The second phase includes the inauguration of Heliopolis station in October 2019. The total length of Cairo Metro Line 3 – Phase 4 reached 11.5km. by the end of his inspection tour the Prime Minister praised the workers commitment in the different worksites with the precautionary procedures to avoid Coronavirus. He praised the implementation rate. He directed to quickly accomplished the project which contribute to eliminate the traffic problems and achieve the required ease for the movements of the citizens.