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Posted on 2021 03 20
The new administrative capital is the most important compound and the characteristics of life in it
The new administrative capital is the most important compound and the characteristics of life in it The luxury of residential projects in the New Capital: The New Administrative Capital project is witnessing a real and qualitative boom in terms of the luxury of finishes and the sophistication of its residential neighborhoods. Comfort, tranquility, luxury and sophistication have made the established residential units and engineering constructions within the New Administrative Capital a haven and a goal for excellence enthusiasts. The difference in construction, the splendor of the architecture, the splendor of designs, the luxury of living, the diversity of designs and finishes make them rightly the focus of attention of those trying to escape from the noise of cities. Contracting companies have combined between Raqqa, providing private spaces and recreational areas, and have succeeded in creating a mixture between calm and service diversity.  Project Description : The New Administrative Capital is a true bridge linking the political, economic and cultural entities in the Middle East and North Africa. To provide an economic climate with an infrastructure to be a nucleus for sustainable development whose effects live on for generations and generations. No matter how creative the pen is in its description, the words do not know an accurate meaning to describe the facilities and services that the new administrative capital will contain.  The new capital contains the central park called "Capital Park", which has an area of ​​more than 100 acres and a length of more than 10 km. It is two and a half times larger than New York's Central Park, as the first model was built on only 7 acres.  The Green River is 35 km long and is linked between all universities and neighborhoods of the city to simulate the Nile River in Cairo. It is thus considered the largest green hubs in the world, containing central and recreational parks with free entry on an area of ​​5,000 acres.  The city includes 6000 cameras, making it one of the largest centers of security control and control in the world.  The project will be linked to a railway line linking all railway networks in the republic.  The electric train will be connected to Belbeis and the 10th of Ramadan by this electric train.  On an area of ​​16 km, an international airport will be established in the New Administrative Capital.  The city contains many services, such as a conference center, as well as a medical city, a sports city, and an exhibition city.  On an area of ​​127 acres, a city for arts and culture will be established, which includes a music theater and an opera house.  The Museum of Egyptian Arts and Parts of Modern and Contemporary Art.  A wax museum that includes statues of dignitaries in Egyptian history and civilization.  Various ceremonies for sculpture, design and graphic arts.  The open theater to serve and cater to all segments and talents of society.  A center for artistic creativity, dedicated to serving creative promising young Egyptians. The most important residential compounds within the New Administrative Capital: As we said, the distinctive architectural building and interior decoration inside the new capital made it include the most luxurious projects and residential complexes, including: 1- Anakaji Compound: His idea is inspired by the character of Nubia in its simplicity and elegance, combining the colors of joyful Nubia that combine the colors of nature and the colors of wood. The word Anakaji means my home, as it is a beautiful Nubian compound with a modern touch. - Anakage site: Anakaji consists of 20 acres characterized by wonderful landscapes in which lies the magic of Nubia. It is located in the eighth residential neighborhood "R8", plot "I4", adjacent to the diplomatic quarter, which is one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in the New Capital, where the embassies are located. Anakage Features: It has the distinction of being the highest level inside the capital, and it also enjoys direct views of the Green River, which in turn is the largest park in the world. It is located opposite the government neighborhood that contains agencies and ministries, and its proximity to the Presidential Palace, the Opera, the Conference Hall and the Al-Masa Hotel makes it the most important gathering place. When you choose Anakaji Compound, you will be adjacent to the most important neighborhoods and landmarks of the New Administrative Capital. There are also many international schools nearby. Anakage spaces: After all this offer, it is not surprising that we find Anakage, a full-service compound, in every sense of the word. Anacaji was built on 10 buildings only, with a total of 800 units, which is the number of units in the compound, and thus it is considered one of the least dense communities in the capital. As the engineering constructions amounted to only 19% of its total area in order to make way for the facilities, services and green spaces spread throughout it. - Anakage services:   Its main street is 80 meters wide and the other street is 60 meters wide.  The width of the project is 160 meters and its length is 600 meters.  Anakaji has two entrances, one at its beginning and the other at its end, pursuant to the principle of no crowding and yes for the comfort of its residents.  Security and guarding services throughout the day.  Green spaces and water bodies have the lion's share as there is a 1 km long jogging track.  There are two service commercial areas, each containing the most luxurious stores offering you international brands.  There are two garages under the buildings.  There is also one clubhouse for children and the other for adults to give a complete feeling of luxury.  There is a cultural center and a library.  Supermarket, bakery, pharmacy and public laundry.  Restaurants and cafes area with the highest international standards in hotel service.  Water sports area.  Nice Nubian style party area. The company that owns Anakaji: Aqar Misr for Urban Development is a newly established Egyptian company, however it was able to draw attention to it with its distinctive projects and the luxury of the distinctive interior decoration. 2- Scarta compound: A residential compound that has achieved great popularity among those who want to live in the New Administrative Capital, as it has many advantages. Its elegant and innovative designs and its unique divisions that achieve the highest limits of luxury and privacy, with its distinct European touch. Scarta site: It is characterized by a vital location in the heart of the New Capital in the R8 area, which overlooks the Green River that connects the regions of Greater Cairo. It is also located near byAl Sefarat neighborhood and exhibition city, as well as the British University, minutes between it and between the school complex, the cathedral and the medical district. It is also close to the ministries district and in front of the Opera and the Presidential Palace. It is distinguished by its location on the most important axes and main roads to facilitate entry and exit for its residents, and it is located in front of the Mohammed bin Zayed axis. It is also located between several main roads linking the capital with its environs, the most important of which is the regional ring road. Scarta features: Scarta Compound is unique in providing the greatest amount of privacy within the units, so all its units enjoy wonderful views of the parks and crystal lakes. Enjoy its stunning views, vast green spaces and huge industrial lakes that sail you into a world of imagination and keep you away from the world of reality. Scarta Spaces: The project was built on an area of ​​20 acres, and its units were designed in a modern style that is distinguished by elegance. The buildings inside Skarta consist of a ground floor with an entrance and a private garden with seven typical floors. At the bottom of each building there is its own garage, to prevent crowding and provide a safe environment for children on the streets. Scarta Services: The compound includes a vast area of ​​gardens and landscapes, in which special lanes for bicycles and exercise have been established. Crystal lakes are symmetrically distributed within Skarta so that there is no unit other than overlooking these stunning views. A commercial mall is the largest containing the largest group of international stores. Inside Skarta is an administrative building, as well as a medical center and an international nursery, and it has a social and sports club with all the stadiums and games. For more safety, Scarta provides regular security and guard services. Free and for the first hundred clients there is a Clubhouse.  - The company implemented: Makkah Real Estate Development Company has proven its worth to be honored to work in this gigantic edifice. 3- Roses Compound: For international classic design enthusiasts, it combines the luxury of construction and sophistication of design. It was established on an area of ​​17 acres. This compound is located inside the eighth residential district of the fifth plot. It has been divided into residential units and villas. Besides the abundance of green spaces, swimming pools, mosques and shops. All of this and more was provided by Gold House, which is the executing company of this sophisticated compound. 4- Sky Capital compound: It is the compound that is located in the heart of the New Administrative Capital in the eighth district in the third plot on an area of ​​14 acres. Divided into apartments, villas, and duplexes, it includes swimming pools, a crystal lagoon, a shopping mall, nurseries, health clubs, private jogging tracks, and more. Better House, the company responsible for the implementation, was keen to get this compound out in the best possible way that you can dream about in a living. 5- Capital Dream compound: If you like the innovative, sophisticated and modern designs of luxury hotel units, then you are looking for Capital Dream Compound. The compound is located in the eighth district in the second plot, as it is one of the places that do not have a high population density, where there is calm and luxury. The compound was built on an area of ​​37 acres that was divided into two parts, the first of which was used for buildings and the other for entertainment and service services. And other than that, many residential communities, which it is beautiful to talk about, that we have come to live in without seeing them. May God grant us a comfortable and reassuring living with peace of mind and the comfort of the eye.  Costguide...The best engineering search engine includes a selection of the world's top companies in all engineering sectors such as “building, construction, constructions, electricity, machinery, equipment, finishes, decorations, furniture ... etc." So We Represent,
Posted on 2021 03 16
The new administrative capital and the largest contracting company
An interesting question: Many wondered about the new city that had exceeded the horizons to talk about. And about its establishment, luxury, spaciousness and services. And about its strategic importance. The largest Egyptian contracting company participated in its establishment Will it really replace the ancient Cairo that was famous since ancient times? A dream come true: It is one of the most important and distinguished projects that are unique to the political system in Egypt. At the top of the mountain of the future, the dream of the new capital began to emerge, as such a project is one of the most important projects of the current era to reach the beach of tomorrow. The current national projects are distinguished for bringing Egypt to the ranks of great powers, so the government has devoted all its concerns and priorities to the strategies it created and seeks to achieve. And providing all necessary building materials What is the new administrative capital: It is a large-scale national project that was announced by the Egyptian government on March 13, 2015 at the Conference on Support and Development of the Egyptian Economy. The New Administrative Capital is considered one of the smart cities in the world, and it is one of the modern investment projects specialized in real estate development in Egypt. The new administrative capital introduced a new concept of residential life inside the Arab Republic of Egypt, and many of the best international contracting companies contributed to its establishment. Project phases: It is planned for this project to target the attraction of 7 million people from the first phase only, and it is built on an area of ​​10 thousand acres. Its population is expected to grow from 18 million to 40 million by the year 2050. The new administrative capital project needs tons of building materials to complete the last phase 2050. Geographical location of the New Administrative Capital: No wonder the New Administrative Capital is located in the most prominent and best distinct residential areas, as it connects many famous areas. It is located between the regions of Greater Cairo and the Suez Canal, near the regional ring road and the Cairo-Suez Road. And very close to the Ain Sokhna area as well as the city of the future, as the new city is about 60 km from the center of the country. This makes it far from the desert and close to internal services and projects, due to its proximity to Suez and Ain Sokhna. It is located on the borders of Badr City in the area between Cairo-Suez Road and Cairo-Ain Sokhna Road, east of the Regional Ring Road. It is considered after New Cairo and the Mostakbal City and Madinaty projects, and it is about 60 km from Suez and Ain Sokhna, and 60 km from the heart of Cairo. The New Administrative Capital Area: The area of ​​the new administrative capital is equivalent to the size of the Asian country of Singapore. The new administrative capital was established on an area of ​​170 thousand acres. Which makes it contain the largest mega projects built on its land and meet the needs of all sectors of the people. As well as the establishment of all government facilities. Construction details: There are many mega projects of major Egyptian contracting companies inside the New Administrative Capital, which we are pleased to talk about each of them in the following detail: 1- Al-Fattah Al-Aleem Mosque: It is one of the largest mosques in the world. It is located on the Middle Ring Road. It has a capacity of over 17,000 people. Its total area is 106 acres and its length is 3150 meters. It has four 95-meter-long minarets built in the Fatimid style, approximately 31 floors. It has 21 domes. 2- Foreign University: A republican decree was issued to establish the university institution in the new administrative capital, which bears the name "Canadian Universities in Egypt" The first foreign university in the New Capital and an international branch of the Canadian University of Prince Edward Island. The university contains a range of services such as football, basketball, and tennis courts, built in a European-style area of ​​30 acres. 3- The electric train project "Al-Salam - the Administrative Capital - the tenth": Its fourth phase has been completed for the third metro line associated with the electrical towing works "Al Salam - Administrative Capital - Tenth of Ramadan" and has six stations. The electric train connects Greater Cairo with the New Capital, urban communities, investor services, and industrial zones. He contributed greatly to the advancement of the mass transit system and the increase in industrial and commercial development and population growth. Its route is 70 km long, and it includes 12 stations along its route, and it contains 6 bridges, 2 tunnels and 4 car bridges. 4- Central parks "Capital Park": According to the Ministry of Housing report, "Capital Towers" will be constructed with a length of 10 km on an area of ​​1000 acres. Which will make it one of the largest parks in the world. It was divided from west to east into three planning sectors, each sector has its own distinctive urban character and character. Building materials: The political leaders involved in the project confirmed that 85% of the building materials used in this project are home-made products. This in itself is considered an achievement calculated by the political and executive leaderships in Egypt. The General Map of the New Administrative Capital: The project consists of 18 ministerial buildings, in addition to many areas represented by the presidential palace, buildings related to parliaments and cabinet, and residential neighborhoods. More than 25 thousand integrated units have been completed that meet all life requirements. It is worth noting that all constructions in the New Capital are fully compliant with all residential standards and conditions, building materials specifications. Contracting companies to implement the project: A group of specialized contracting companies have participated in gaining the honor of implementing this giant project of contracting, construction, finishing and establishment works, namely: Talaat Moustafa Group: Contributed to establishing 69 buildings containing 2069 units. Concord Company: It constructed 61 buildings containing 1792 units. The Arab Contractors: 44 buildings were established, containing 1408 units. Orascom: It is responsible for the infrastructure works of the project Establishing and equipping 740 acres. Projet: Constructed 63 buildings containing 1008 units. These companies have been classified among the largest international groups of companies in the field of establishing commercial and residential projects. In the end, we cannot help but be proud of Egypt, a beloved country, where we live in the shade of its sky and the bounties of its soil. The best contracting and construction companies in Egypt. Costguide ... includes the best engineering search engine among a selection of the best international companies in all engineering sectors such as "Contracting, Building, Construction, Constructions, Electricity, Machinery, Equipment, Finishes, Decorations, Furniture ... etc" So we represent the Csi Division's best of construction companies and building materials suppliers  
Posted on 2021 02 15
The new Alamein, why now?
It is a solution to the overpopulation in Alexandria and other neighboring urban cities, as its distinguished location on the northern coast, as well as the distinctive planning and with the presence of all services, facilities, and universities, why not turn to the new city of Alexandria? If it has all the modern requirements for housing, work, entertainment, and education? Thinking about the future and opening new horizons to find solutions to the future problems that will face us is the one who pushed for the emergence of the New Alamein City project. With construction and contracting companies in Egypt, we can build this giant edifice. Also, do not forget the magic of the northern coast and the exploitation of the tourist and entertainment side to attract an audience of tourists from all over the world to the northern coast as a whole, and the new city of Alamein is the axis of development along the northern coast and a center for beach tourism on the Mediterranean. The structure plan of the new Alamein The new Alamein is built on an area of ​​more than 200 million square meters with 8 platforms overlooking the sea, commercial and administrative towers and garages underneath real estate, in addition to a world tourism center, and it will be built in several stages, including the city several sectors, the most important of which are: - The residential sector includes 10,000 housing units of various sizes and designs. The urban and educational sector, represented by the university and a service center The archaeological sector, which is the open museum and the recreational services area, "The International Park and Hotels" The coastal sector, which is the hotels, the convention center, the gardens district, the hotel's district, the lake housing district, and the private resort. Project implementation phases The project is divided into several projects and is implemented in phases, as it includes Lakes and lagoon islands Bridge project above the lake. Heritage city facilities Housing area facilities. Logical beach facilities. Latin District Facilities. Recreational tourist walkway. Facilities for the western beach area Diversion of the northern coast course El Alamein power station the first stage Includes 5 thousand units for "Premium Housing" and "Egypt Housing", More than a thousand housing units in the city center, 350 units in the residential compound, More than 4,000 units in the beach towers Establishing universities Residential unit areas The apartments and housing units in New Alamein consist of social housing apartments and distinct housing apartments It is estimated at about five thousand housing units and will be implemented during the first phase The spaces for social housing range between 87 meters and 95 meters for distinguished housing at the highest level of finishing There are also more than 15,000 hotel rooms available through the hotel district and the tourist sector in the city. What companies work in infrastructure and roads? The Arab Contractors are paving alternative roads for the coastal road and some routes inside the city. As for the Urban Communities Authority and the Engineering Authority, it establishes the basic facilities such as a water station for drinking and sanitation, electricity networks, and all infrastructure requirements. The Best Electrical Company in Egypt   Costguide...The best engineering search engine includes a selection of the world's top companies in all engineering sectors such as “building, construction, constructions, electricity, machinery, equipment, finishes, decorations, furniture ... etc." So We Represent, The Best Csi Division for Electricity Company and Electrical Suppliers
Posted on 2021 02 10
The largest urban expansion in the North Coast - New Alamein.
The new city of El Alamein is one of the largest urban projects in Egypt and is the largest project on the northern coast. It was planned to become the new city of El Alamein not only a resort but a first-class residential city with integrated services and facilities and with the highest level of efficiency in organization, aesthetic and sophisticated design. New El Alamein is the first millionth city on the North Coast and is considered one of the mega projects such as the New Administrative Capital. Location of the new city of Alamein ... Where is it located? Specifically, it is located directly after the Marina, starting from the 107th kilometer and reaching its stretches to the 121st kilometer, which is entirely within the Matrouh Governorate, and Wadi al-Natrun Road is the entrance to the new city of Alamein. What are the most important projects of the new city of Alamein? The new city of El Alamein is a vast construction edifice that was planned with the best modern methods of construction and planning and the latest technology methods to be the focus of attention of the whole Middle East. Hotel towers have a wonderful view comparable to the towers of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. It includes the city. Schools, universities, and conference rooms with the latest European technology. A plant for producing drinking water with a production capacity of 100,000 liters/day A tourist walkway and a corniche extending 14 km. Breakwater project and several agricultural projects. A world tourism center and distinctive towers Showrooms, clubs, and commercial centers. A huge library, opera house, and cultural center. An international theme park and an international park. A mosque with a distinctive architectural style and a huge church. An archaeological area including the "World War Cemeteries" An international medical center for rehabilitation, recovery, and physical therapy. A complex of cinemas, theaters, and cafes. Outlets for the most famous commercial chains. Infrastructure and associated services Construction of a high-speed electric train line linking 6th of October City and El Alamein City. Wadi Al-Natroun Al-Alamein road through Burj Al-Arab city. Paving the coastal road from Sidi Abdel Rahman to Wadi El Natroun. What are the companies that contribute to building the new city of Alamein? Many of the largest construction and contracting companies in Egypt contribute to the construction and planning of the city Where the Ministry of Housing participates in cooperation with the Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces to implement social housing in partnership with the largest companies in the contracting sector such as the Arab Contractors Company, Orascom, Hassan Allam, SIAC, Samco ... etc.  Costguide...The best engineering search engine includes a selection of the world's top companies in all engineering sectors such as “building, construction, constructions, electricity, machinery, equipment, finishes, decorations, furniture ... etc."   
Posted on 2021 01 18
Top construction projects in Egypt 2020
Tahrir Petrochemical Complex construction projects One of the largest projects in the field of petrochemicals is being implemented by an alliance between Linde, Hassan Allam Construction, and the Arab Contractors Company. And that is at a cost of 10.6 billion dollars. The Tahrir Petrochemical Complex is one of the most expensive construction projects in Egypt. Project details: The scheme includes 1.5 million tons per year of an ethylene cracker and a 1.4 million tons per year polyethylene plant Manufacture and installation of mechanical works, including steel structures, tubes, and trays.  Packing for internal towers, tanks, heavy equipment, and heaters.  Civil works, buildings, electrical and temporary equipment, and facilities. Place: - Ain Sokhna - Suez Governorate, Egypt. High-Speed Rail Project Hurghada – Luxor & Alexandria-Cairo-Aswan High-Speed Rail Project The Ministry of Transport and Communications aims to deny the high-speed railway network project to link all new cities with each other The train network includes three basic lines that are executed in stages. The first line connects Ain Sokhna and the new city of El Alamein. As it extends from the New Administrative Capital and passes through Ain Sokhna and Sixth of October City until New Alamein. There will be a branch in Nubaria that will extend to Alexandria via the city of Burj Al Arab.  The first stage of this line from the north to the 6th of October City, at a distance of 122 kilometers, and is connected to the Rawd al-Farag Corridor. The second phase, from the 6th of October City to New Alamein, with a length of 210 km parallel to the Rawd Al-Farag - El Dabaa axis. The third stage is from the New Administrative Capital to Ain Sokhna, and it is located at a distance of more than 92 kilometers. The second line connects the Sixth of October City to the governorates of Upper Egypt and Aswan. The third line from Ain Sokhna passes through Marsa Alam and Hurghada until it ends in Luxor. According to the plan, “Ain Sokhna and Luxor” are two stations that intersect between the first and third lines. October Oasis construction projects October Oasis is a huge urban housing project carried out by the New Urban Communities Authority - Ministry of Housing. It is located in the south of Sixth of October City (Ring Road and Fayoum Road), 32 kilometers (20 miles) outside the city. On an area (10,000 acres) It houses high, middle, and low-income housing, in addition to Commercial, retail, hotel, and entertainment complexes. Gardens and recreation (including an artificial lake)  Restaurants and cafes The project is one of the largest projects during the year 2020, and the total cost is estimated at 150 billion Egyptian pounds (1.86 billion dollars). Four Winds Coal-Fired Power Plant The project to build the largest coal-fired power station is one of the projects of the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company and is being developed by Thora Investment. The FourWinds coal-fired power plant to be built in Egypt is set to become the largest coal-fired power plant in the world. The cost is estimated at about $ 11 billion. It is without a doubt, one of the mega construction projects in Egypt.  Costguide...The best engineering search engine includes a selection of the world's top companies in all engineering sectors such as “building, construction, constructions, electricity, machinery, equipment, finishes, decorations, furniture ... etc." So We Represent,
Posted on 2021 01 05
How to Choose the right supplier for your business ?
Our topic revolves around choosing the right supplier, and the most important thing to start with is how to choose from a large group of suppliers. The supplier selection process is much more than just selecting according to price lists. Rather, the selection must be based on a set of factors. These factors are summarized in your business priorities and the strategy you follow at work. Quality, trust, service, experience, and value for money factor. They are the obvious and indispensable things in choosing a supplier Consequences of choosing a bad supplier: There is no doubt that choosing a supplier will reflect positively or negatively on the output of your business in a way that satisfies your customers or not. We are here to talk about avoiding the hassle of dealing with unreliable suppliers and also to put points for choosing the right supplier. Your customers are your mirror for selecting suppliers. If you choose a supplier that does not meet your customers ’desires, you will struggle to adjust your path for the wrong choice. Here are some key points to put you on the road to ensure that you are sourcing the best suppliers for your product, components, or raw materials: How to choose a good supplier: Set your own standards: Create a list of the criteria your supplier needs to meet, and these are some points to keep in mind: The perfect lead time: Set a period for yourself between submitting your order for supply and receiving this order. Maximum and minimum order quantity: Set yourself a maximum and a minimum to fulfill your order, and whether the supplier will meet this limit, regardless of its size. Supplier Capabilities: You must evaluate the supplier by providing high-quality products to your customers and knowing the financial strength of the resource so that it does not stop supplying you with what you need. Quality assurance: Set the standards that you take to ensure the quality of the product that the supplier will offer you. Your customers will evaluate the quality of the product with you, not your supplier. Terms and conditions of payment: These are the ways and means that you will determine in order to pay for the product that the supplier will provide. Return Policy: These are the conditions under which you or your customer are permitted to return a product. Communication criteria: The ability to communicate with the supplier and the extent of his response to you taking into account language and location barriers if it is an external resource. Ensure that you define the preceding criteria while evaluating each component and make sure that none is overlooked to get a good resource to work with you. 2- Make browsing for your choices: Certainly, you know the type of product you are selling, so you need a supplier directory to find out what suppliers offer your product. Use enough time to rate these suppliers based on the following criteria: Reputation: Always look for the reputation of the supplier in the markets, what the market says about him, whether he has a good reputation or is he stealing your ideas and showing them to himself. Recommendations: Ask friends and business acquaintances who have previous business with the supplier to find out about the strengths and weaknesses of the supplier. Associations and Chambers of Commerce: If your needs are specific to a specific industry or trade, it is very likely that there will be associations or chambers of commerce providing you with suitable suppliers. Type of work: Depend on your choice of your supplier on the type of your work and whether or not he specializes in it, as you choose him from his experience in your field of work. Safety: Good suppliers offer adequate protection and insurance during supply while avoiding suppliers who cannot protect your product and fail to meet safety factors. When searching for suppliers, don't forget to check out other people's comments on the supplier's businesses.This may give you a more comprehensive idea of ​​the supplier to meet your requirements and how well they are for you. 3- Making invitations to bid: You should have a list of wholesalers, service providers, or even vendors you are interested in working with. Here you can simply make a simple call to evaluate the quotation or be compelled to present a form to request a proposal or a form to request a quotation. Here you must ensure that you include all the details of the product or service as well as the quantities, delivery dates, and quality standards. Also, be sure to communicate with suppliers about your product and each supplier's policies, and to identify suppliers' sourcing. And try to find out if the supplier uses risky practices or is obtaining products in unreliable ways. This helps you as a guarantee of dealing with a supplier who has credibility in their supply chain without which you would be causing a product shortage on your part. 4- Bid evaluation of bids: Once you receive your quotations, make an evaluation. Make a comparison for each supplier to see which one will meet your needs, budgets, and quality standards. You must pay attention to the delivery rates so that a large part of your profit is not deducted from the delivery. It is recommended that you ask the supplier to ensure his reliability to request a sample of the product before supplying it to ensure its quality. It should come with compliance documents so that you are not legally complicit in the fraud. Keep in mind if the supplier is selling products of another organization and you are not aware. This will put you under penalty of law. In this case, it is advisable to seek the help of a lawyer to assist you in explaining legal matters and setting the record straight. Once the bid falls on a supplier, contact him directly without an intermediary to make sure that your contract guarantees prices through which you can profit. You can also make an initial contract so that if the supplier does not meet your needs, then they will not cause you much harm to your business. 5- Monitor supplier performance: Of course, you do not want to work with a supplier who is not a credible one, so keep in touch with him always to make sure he meets his obligations to you. Monitoring the efficiency of the products that you receive from the supplier, even if they are repeated. The product that was a year ago does not have to be of the same quality. By continuous communication, you can bring closer and improve mutual operations, which will benefit both parties to the contract. Be honest about your needs with your supplier and he will often be more willing to accommodate your desires and be more careful in dealing with you about a new deal. Conclusion: We conclude from this that the resource can act as a stepping stone for you or lead you to a breakdown in the market. That is why it is necessary to carefully choose the supplier, so clearly define your needs from it and ask questions that will solve any inquiries. Always maintain a flexible open mind while evaluating bids, bids, and requests. And don't forget to always protect yourself to make sure you're dealing with a legitimate supplier. Once you've worked with a supplier for a while, you can then evaluate that relationship to see if it works in your favor.    Costguide...The best engineering search engine includes a selection of the world's top companies in all engineering sectors such as “building, construction, constructions, electricity, machinery, equipment, finishes, decorations, furniture ... etc."       
Posted on 2021 01 03
The best electricity companies in Egypt
Industry and its impact on the Egyptian economy: The Arab Republic of Egypt is one of the major industrial countries, whether at the regional or continental level. That is why the conscious political leadership in Egypt is now seeking to develop the industry in an effort to preserve the economic progress that has been achieved. Encouraging local industries: Encouraging local industries now is the way to build a strong economy that faces the challenges of globalization and competition from major industrial countries. Accordingly, the leadership is working to encourage the export of local goods and to try to do without import. And in this economic climate, economists breathe the springtime air of a country that seeks non-stop towards building an unprecedented industrial renaissance. Electric cable industry: It is evident that the hoped-for industrial renaissance needs a strong infrastructure, as the electrical cable industry is an indispensable industry in this renaissance. The electric cable industry is based on strong economic institutions that follow the same national approach to reach a true industrial renaissance. Therefore, we must mention the names of these institutions upon which the electric cable industry in Egypt is based, in order for other institutions to follow suit. In order to give every one his right, we will mention a simple brief about the best of these companies in Egypt, including: c.b.h cables: C.b.h cables Corporation is a leading manufacturer and supplier of the electric cable and wire industries. Its factory is based on the latest manufacturing technology and offers the market a variety of high-quality products. It features in the production of electrical conductors, copper beam conductors, power cables, control cables, Coax, RG Cables, light current systems, CCTV, and signal cables. As well as special cables such as automobile cables, photoelectric cables, fire alarm cables, and flat cables. It obtained the ISO 9001: 2015 certification It is the only manufacturer of the first solar energy cables in Egypt, so it participated in the largest solar energy projects in the world, which were established in Aswan. And it has integrated production lines that make it characterized by international quality and competitive prices. It is made by a team of professional engineers and technicians to check the quality of the product in all its stages, starting from receiving the raw material and ending with the final product. The company was established in the year 2011, and its factory is located in plot 282 in the second industrial zone in the New Salhiya city in the Sharkia governorate. 2- Electro cable Egypt: It is one of the oldest manufacturers of electrical cables, it was established in September 1954, and it has many branches in Egypt. From the beginning, it has been involved in the production and testing of a wide range of power and communication wires and cables. Founded as a joint-stock company by 17 shareholders, it was nationalized and became affiliated with the public sector from 1991. Accordingly, it has been a pioneer in its field of work for more than four decades. The year 1997 witnessed the privatization of the company when a group of investors decided to purchase the vast majority of the shares owned by the holding company. Accordingly, the company is now operating under Law 159 of 1981. Its vast experience helped raise the efficiency of its products and compete strongly in the local and global energy markets. And it was for the state’s direction to build projects in Sinai, the Nile Valley, and coastal areas, so the company had an effective role in supporting these projects with the necessary energy.  The company is located on Ismailia Canal Road in Qalyubia, with a business area of ​​more than 370,000 square meters. 3- Al Mousa specialized: One of the leading companies in the field of electrical cables distribution of all types and sizes known as MESC. The company started its activities as a representative and authorized distributor of one of the Saudi Specialized Company, and it was established in Riyadh in the year 1994. It meets the market requirements of cables in major industrial projects, whether in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or inside Egypt. Its products are distinguished by quality and high quality, which encouraged it to enhance its activity with more projects and open new markets. They represent reputed domestic and international brands in the cable industry. The company has adopted converging approach policies that the company has taken as a strategic stock in all devices and cables of low current, low, medium, and high voltage. And that is one of the major manufacturers to meet the requirements and desires of customers to cover all local and international markets. 4- El Sewedy Electric: El Sewedy Electric is a pioneering and unique establishment in providing integrated energy solutions not only in the Middle East but also in Africa as a whole. It has more than 30 major facilities in 15 countries. Therefore, it has the ability to overcome any challenges it faces in the energy sector. In addition to its continuous successes in meeting the desires of its customers worldwide, it has a huge customer base compared to its peers. This brings it positively in collecting the largest return on investment for its shareholders. The corporation was established in the year 1938 when it began selling electrical equipment and succeeded in turning its activity into major companies affecting the energy sector. It is considered one of the most prominent institutions working in the energy sector in the Egyptian market and has succeeded in using its expertise to spread in the global energy markets. The company also includes five main branches of the energy branches, which are cables and wires, electrical transformers, projects and development, electrical activities, and meters. It also has the largest database of its clients, which varies between commercial and industrial establishments, and even goes beyond governments, in addition to individuals. It also surpassed the expected ambitions to enter the supply of raw materials such as metals and plastics, in addition to the materials used in the industries of cables, wires, and electrical products. In addition to contracts for mega projects with many governments at the core of the construction of the infrastructure for power and energy. In addition to its strong entry into the generation of electric power from wind, as it is a competitive technology that distinguishes it from many other institutions. It also has 22 industrial facilities in countries of the world and exports to more than 110 countries. This enables it to advance economic progress not only in Egypt, but also in the Middle East and Africa, but also in Europe and Asia. It is not surprising that El Sewedy is proud of what it has achieved in this position. It is a major partner in the global energy sector. 5-Energya cables: Energya cables provide turnkey solutions based on a huge range of resources, they can provide solutions in electromechanical fields. Likewise, the field of communication is not in the Middle East but in Africa. The company has implemented thousands of kilometers of giant energy projects since its inception in 2002. Now Energya cables have ten offices on three continents and have more than four hundred employees of various nationalities. Therefore, it has a lot of experience in providing turnkey projects, not in design and engineering but in manufacturing, installation, commissioning, and testing. It offers projects for underground high voltage cables up to 220 kV, and overhead transmission line conductors up to 500 kV. It also offers low and medium voltage cables as well as telecommunications networks, "optical fiber cables up to 432 fibers and copper cables up to 2,400 pairs". 6- Egypt Cable ECM: Since its establishment in 2003, the vision has been clear: to blend a bold youthful mindset with a forward-looking look. And between real experience resulting from the awareness and wisdom of industry experts. Since it started its business, its vision has been clear to grow and develop continuously, and accordingly, it has become one of the largest cable manufacturing companies in the region. With the same clear visions, steady steps, and giant leaps, the company seeks to reach global markets. In the past years, it was able to manufacture the best products according to the standard specifications, making it a major partner for building economic development in Egypt. Indeed, it is capable of pushing the market to world-record levels of quality from within the mantle of the Egyptian economy. The company’s mission was to continue producing more high-quality cables in accordance with international standards. While taking care to ensure the delivery is in accordance with the technical specifications with precise dates that reflect the professionalism that meets the needs of the local market and access to the global market. It also confirmed, through its participation and contributions, the strong presence of many mega-projects, including historical and cultural, and huge industrial facilities in the region. The company is proud to meet the requirements of its customers by providing the highest international standards in the electrical cable industry in terms of quality, cost, and time. Therefore, its eyes were always directed towards its customers, which it considers partners in its continuous success. 7- Giza Cables industries: Giza Cables Company covers 65% of the telephone cables in the Egyptian market. Therefore, it is considered a pioneer in its field. It also covers a market share of 23% as it is the second-largest manufacturer of high voltage and low voltage electrical cables and connectors. It also exports 20% of its production to Arab countries, the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, and North African markets. It is keen to find and open new markets for it in the African, Asian and European markets. Since its inception in early 1993, it has been considered one of the first factories to manufacture telephone cables. It also manufactures and supplies electric power cables up to 220 kilovolts, telephone cables, and enameled wires. 8- Riadh Cables Group: Riyadh Cables Company was established in 1984, and since its inception, it has become a prominent institution in the manufacture and export of cables in the region. The company has annual sales of more than $ 1.5 billion. It boasts a wide range of low, medium, and high voltage power cables. As well as manufacturing overhead line conductors, telephone and optical fiber cables, and control and routing cables. Riyadh Cable Factories operate on 1.8 million square meters in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The first cable factory to be modified BASIC certified. It was also ranked among the top twenty industrial establishments in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The first cable factory to be modified BASIC certified. It was also ranked among the top twenty industrial establishments in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It also appears on the list of the best cable producers in the world. It has more than 3,800 workers and employees. It also includes a network of 18 local branches and 6 international branches. Which makes it meet the needs of a large segment of its local and international customers. It is no wonder that these major entities can strongly drive the Egyptian economy. We are all proud that these institutions are present on the ground to illuminate the path of development that is always full of ambitions of these companies.   The Best Electrical Company in Egypt   Costguide...The best engineering search engine includes a selection of the world's top companies in all engineering sectors such as “building, construction, constructions, electricity, machinery, equipment, finishes, decorations, furniture ... etc." So We Represent, The Best Csi Division for Electricity Company and Electrical Suppliers
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How to choose the suitable lighting system ?
Interiors in lighting: Lighting is like any design element. Professional lighting can give dimensions to the userspace. Light and shade give comfort and harmony. So suppose we want to highlight a painting on the wall. Downlighting is the perfect way to draw attention to a painting. The skills of combining overhead and downlights, walls and floors, and hidden lights and visible lights. All of this adds depth to the place. Applying these different strategies gives us different solutions and special features, such as a table with flowers on which we shine a narrow beam. And combined with other decor options such as highlighting a beautiful curtain fabric innovatively to give brighter illuminations such as cooking and reading. for more details read the article: Lightning & interior design solutions. | constguide - csi electrical division Architectural lighting for interior designs: Architectural lighting includes a group of subtle lights placed inside carpentry or architecture. So downlights, headlights, and LEDs are the tools for creating an eye-catching space, as they tend to be subtle in the middle of the architecture. It is used to provide general lighting. When incorporated into carpentry like shelves and cabinets, this light provides depth to areas of interest. In an old building, we may have stucco that can be accentuated by architectural lights or columns that can be illuminated from below. Architectural lights are useful for directing the eyes to spaces to adjacent rooms, such as a length of the corridor or a flight of stairs. Some of the headlights can be placed near doorways or window sills to frame your view. Architectural lights can be used externally, such as shining lights on trees, and overhead lights can give a beautiful perspective on the wall. We can also add depth beyond the glass to a private living space, here these architectural lights catch the eye just by looking at them.  Get the right combination of architectural and decorative lighting for interiors: Any successful lighting scheme must contain a mixture of both decorative and architectural lighting, so the key is looking at space and plan. To create a pleasant mix of ambient, distinctive, and architectural lighting, here the dazzling factor is overcome by detailing the hidden lighting. In the kitchen, we might have ceiling lights, so adding LED underneath it creates layers. To provide low brightness, with this trick at night, you will give a feeling of space. And when we add LED lighting to the banquet table in its back to illuminate the walls behind it, we create an atmosphere for a wider space. Also, the wardrobe without lighting is barely noticeable, but with LED lighting, the ceiling will light up and the glow of the ceiling will make the room brighter. Types of lighting: The multiplicity of types of lighting according to their uses, represented in: 1- Low light: It is the main type of lighting, as it provides general lighting from the inside and includes: Ceiling lamps: It is the most used form of home lighting. They are fixed to the ceiling and often connected to a wall switch. 2- Comfortable lighting: They can be used to illuminate surrounding ceilings and be set to a dimmer switch. 3- Table lamps: If you like a relaxed and calm atmosphere, you need a table lamp that casually shades it to create an immediate impact. 4- Torchière Lamps: And it is either on the floor or table to reflect its light towards the ceiling, and these lamps allow you to highlight any area or angle. 5- chandeliers: It is one of the most common types and used for exciting lighting poses, due to the beauty of its design and shapes. 6- direct lighting: And it is necessary to perform tasks that require stronger lighting than regular ceiling lights, such as reading or cooking and other tasks. 7- Distinctive lighting: They are used to highlight areas that we want to highlight, such as artwork or specific parts of a room. for more detail about csi electrical division  ‎ The Top Category of Electrical Cables ‎| Constguide - Electrical Company Fire Resistance Cable | Constguide - Electrical Company  Electrical Cable Classification The Best Electrical Company in Egypt   Costguide...The best engineering search engine includes a selection of the world's top companies in all engineering sectors such as “building, construction, constructions, electricity, machinery, equipment, finishes, decorations, furniture ... etc." So We Represent, The Best Csi Division for Electricity Company and Electrical Suppliers Such As:- ·       Electro Cable Egypt  ·       Elsewdy Cables  ·      Al Mousa Specialized Cables ·       Giza Cable Industries ·      EGEC, Egyptian for Engineering; Commerce
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Rufiji Dam in Tanzania
Tanzania Dam from idea to establish The idea started with building a small dam to protect against floods and maintain irrigation infrastructure. This idea was put forward in 1940, and the preparation of the study for the project began. But in 1961, after about twenty years had passed, it published a study on the area containing the idea of ​​constructing the current Rufiji Dam.. with the aim of generating electric power and providing water for drinking and irrigation, in addition to the industrial renaissance resulting from the generation of electric power and the project exceeded the initial goal of protection from Flood hazards to a new hydroelectric project Beginning in 1961 with President Nyerere assuming power, after the independence of Tanzania. The president started to seek financing for the construction of the dam, due to his belief that the economic growth opportunities for Tanzania are the Rufiji Dam project, where cheap hydroelectric power becomes the reason for the country to emerge from the economic crisis then. However, the World Bank refused to finance the project for several reasons, the most important of which are: - Environmental concerns about the nature of the dam There is no increased necessity for electricity consumption in Tanzania, so there is no need to build a dam. 1982 - UNESCO declared the dam area a natural reserve With the succession of the various ministries in Tanzania, the search for funding for the dam has remained as the solution and the way for the renaissance in the country. Many international companies began negotiating to build the dam, the most prominent of which was a Brazilian company that continued in the negotiation stage from 2009 to 2017, and then negotiations and talk about the dam stopped until 2017 with the President Magufuli's government announcing that  "The project will be built and financed with National money, no external financing." Technical specifications of Rufiji Dam A concrete dam, 134 meters high 9 turbines with a capacity of 235 megawatts A capacity to generate electricity of 2,115 megawatts. Establishing permanent roads to connect the project with a length of 21 km Construction of temporary roads to connect the project with a length of 59 km. Digging a 6.6 km long tunnel to divert the river's water. Building an integrated residential complex on an area of ​​19 thousand square meters 4 subsidiary dams and a permanent concrete bridge on Rufiji River Construction of an emergency spillway on the first branch dam without gates Constructing a spillway in the middle of the main dam, consisting of 7 sector gates Establishing a 400 kV substation, with electrical transmission lines It is expected that the water stored in the lake for the project will reach about 33 billion cubic meters, at a cost of 2.9 billion dollars. The importance of Rufiji Dam to Tanzania It is a national project that the Tanzanian state has not abandoned during the past decades, and its governments to try to find a way out of the economic crisis and achieve economic growth. And it has many benefits, most notably Control of periods of drought and seasonal floods Permanent water availability for agricultural and drinking purposes throughout the year. Generating the electricity that Tanzania needs for citizens' consumption, with a capacity of 17 million households. Industrial transformation and strengthening of the Tanzanian economy in the medium and long term Raise the level of income and livelihood of citizens Providing job opportunities for citizens during the construction period, as the current number of workers working in the dam ranges from 5,233 workers, of whom 526 are Egyptians, 3,974 Tanzanian workers, and 733 foreign workers from other countries. The dam protects the environment because citizens use clean renewable energy such as electricity instead of unfairly cutting forests and using their wood to obtain energy now.
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Lightning & interior design solutions. | constguide - csi electrical division
Interior lighting design: The lighting adds a special elegance to any design, giving a comfortable that can be reached only through. The soul for any design. Lighting creates patches of height, and draws attention to places of rest, except through lighting which gives a wonderful impression of light balance, which brings light into the interior. So the work of the engineer or designer is limited to drawing lights in their plans so that you can call a lighting expert. Their creativity, ideas, work into the design, beginning with special lights to increase the width and the shares in the place. The effect of natural light on interiors: Natural light is a key factor for designers. Interior designers watch the entry of natural light into the design setting. Which affects the position of industrial lighting. Natural lighting is no less important than artificial light, and this is evident in living spaces with glass windows so that daylight flows to make them brighter. It was important to deal with artificial light and offer different options. The afternoon in England is different from the rising sun in Egypt. Artificial lights still play with natural light, so we use them to brighten spots on shelves, and add sparkle to an area to justify a work of art. We may use LED lighting to warm the room's joinery, it may become necessary with natural lights to add softness and focus. The choice of lighting for different times of the day is by using a mixture of natural and artificial light to have preset options on the switchboard. The effect of artificial light on interior designs: Artificial light creates visual stimulation. People are always attracted to the brightness point inside the room, so we use artificial light to highlight the features in the space. For example, the kitchen may have flowers inside it or a dining table that we try to highlight, so the focus is placed on the edges of the room to expand the perspective of vision, We might add dim light to vertical surfaces such as cabinets that use ambient lights, thus reflecting light on those surfaces. It's vital to have the right lighting to prepare meals, make drinks, or just see what's in the safe. Decorative lighting in interiors: It gives a decorative atmosphere to the place, such as a sexy necklace or a distinctive wall lamp, as it gives more than an attractive impression inside the room. You may be attracted to the eyes by a beautiful pendant above the table, but with a lower light on both sides, it creates a cool atmosphere. This is why decorative lights are important and with a professional lighting designer who will combine them with architectural lights to achieve the best results for enjoying different lighting. Watching TV or reading a book in the shade of a quiet lamp gives the decorative lighting here an appetizing delight. The quality of lighting used in interior design projects: The most common lighting today is LED lighting, but it is the quality of each light that affects the space. If we are using downlights in place, especially in white stripes, then we need uniform color temperature for all lights. Thinking about the quality and consistency of a color temperature has a big impact on a space. The high-quality combination with a CRI above 90 provides the majority of natural light. And CRI is the value that indicates how well the light repeats the true colors of the object we're distinguishing. Deep greens, deep blues, and reds are truer when highlighted with a high CRI light. When using downlights in place, we need to have a uniform color temperature for all lights. This is measured in Kelvins. Architectural lighting has a cooler color (2700 Kelvin), and decorative elements such as table and wall lamps work better with warmer colors (2,400 Kelvin). Our main concern now is to create harmony, so we can use overhead lighting with a precision of 2700 Kelvin and decorate it at 2400 Kelvin. Here comes the role of LED lighting inside the joinery to give warmth to a color similar to our decorative lights. for more detail about csi electrical division  ‎ The Top Category of Electrical Cables ‎| Constguide - Electrical Company Fire Resistance Cable | Constguide - Electrical Company  Electrical Cable Classification The Best Electrical Company in Egypt   Costguide...The best engineering search engine includes a selection of the world's top companies in all engineering sectors such as “building, construction, constructions, electricity, machinery, equipment, finishes, decorations, furniture ... etc." So We Represent, The Best Csi Division for Electricity Company and Electrical Suppliers Such As:- ·       Electro Cable Egypt  Try our products catalog from here  ·       Elsewdy Cables  Try our products catalog from here  ·      Al Mousa Specialized Cables Try our products catalog from here ·       Giza Cable Industries ·      EGEC, Egyptian for Engineering; Commerce  
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Electrical Cable Classification
Electric cable: It is one of the basic components of electrical power, and it transfers this power from one place to another to provide electrical supply for electrical loads. The electric cable is usually used in the electrical distribution and transmission networks. Method of laying electrical cables: Electrical cables have been extending outside the buildings by burying them with the ground in special trenches, or they are installed on poles. If it is inside, it is either hidden inside plastic tubes, or it is visible on metal stands. what is the electrical cable made of? Electrical cables consist of: 1- A conductive substance for electricity. 2- Insulating materials surrounding the cable. 3- Cable cover, which is either of lead, aluminum, or plastics. 4- Reinforcement due to the weakness of the mechanically isolated cables. This reinforcement may consist of one or several layers of steel tape or wire or, other. Usually, filler materials have been adding between the reinforcing layer and the cable sheath. 5- Protective cable cover, where the cables have been covering with a material made of plastics or rubber to prevent rust. Classification of electrical cables: It can be said that the classification of electrical cables varies, and the classification is based on multiple criteria. It can be classified according to the types of conductors or according to the operating voltage, whether it is low, medium, or even high. Also, it is possible to classify the electric cable according to the type of insulator, whether it is polyvinyl chloride, rubber insulators, or polyethylene. Accordingly, we realize that no specific type of cable is prevalent, common, or applicable only. But taking into account the areas of use of each category separately to arrive at an appropriate classification according to the fields of work. How to employ electrical cables in the right place to work: Before going into this, it is imperative to know some cabling concepts, which will help us place each cable in its correct place. Insulation level: Where many factors are influencing the standard 1- The type of wire used in the cable used for insulation. 2- The thickness of the cable used for insulation. If we want to work with high voltage cables, a high level of insulation is used to withstand high voltage and currents. As for low voltage cables, fewer and thinner cables have been used than those used in high voltage. Term of Operating Voltage: It expresses the maximum potential to withstand voltage on the cable during the period of operation. It often depends on the cable specifications in terms of the level of insulation, the type of material the cable is made of, the thickness of the insulation, and so on. Types of cables in terms of insulation used: Many types of insulators have been used in electrical cables, and they have often made of polymeric materials. These are the materials that are classified for electric cables through, such as: 1- Cross-linked polyethylene:  It is one of the most insulating materials for its resistance to many factors of overload such as humidity and temperature. Often this type does not need to be armed, and despite its toughness, one must avoid extending it in a curved shape or subjecting it to mechanical pressures. 2- PVC:  It is one of the most common types of insulators used in the market due to its excellent use in low voltage cables. This type can withstand up to 303 kV, but unfortunately, it has many disadvantages, namely: 1) It does not tolerate simple heat. 2) It cannot use in bent works. 3) It was cracking while exposed to heat. However, it has a self-extinguishing feature. It is worth noting that we are talking about the types of cables that can withstand bends. The insulators of these types are characterized by their resistance to water even though they do not tolerate oil or gasoline. Types of cables in terms of voltage: Cables rotate in terms of operating voltage used from low to high. It is worth noting that high voltage cables have more complex designs than other low voltage cables. Often we rely on high-voltage cables to obtain the desired efficiency, and we can classify them through the following: 1- Low voltage cables less than 1 kV. 2- Medium voltage cables which are 3.3, 6.6, 11, and 22 kV. 3- High voltage cables of 33, 66, 132 kV. Top tips for choosing the best electrical cables: in csi electrical division code you will find all specification of electrical cables , but here are top tips for how you could choose the right cables . Choosing the best electrical cables is not an easy task, as there must be available components that contribute to providing safety and security. Because electrical cables are by their nature exposed to various external pressures, we must know the specific function of each cable as stated above. Taking into consideration all the possibilities before starting work, and accordingly, we have summarized tips that help in finishing the business better, including: 1- Paying attention to ensuring that the cables are made by reliable factories and companies so as not to be damaged by the presence of various external factors. 2- Mainly relying on the presence of a specialized engineer or technician to install cables professionally. 3- Choose cables with suitable insulators and bear the operating efforts appropriate to the nature of work. 4- Developing an appropriate plan to extend the cables in a manner that suits its capacity and helps in raising the rates of safety and security. for more detail about csi electrical division  ‎ The Top Category of Electrical Cables ‎| Constguide - Electrical Company Fire Resistance Cable | Constguide - Electrical Company    The Best Electrical Company in Egypt     Costguide...The best engineering search engine includes a selection of the world's top companies in all engineering sectors such as “building, construction, constructions, electricity, machinery, equipment, finishes, decorations, furniture ... etc." So We Represent, The Best Csi Division for Electricity Company and Electrical Suppliers Such As:- ·       Electro Cable Egypt  Try our products catalog from here  ·       Elsewdy Cables  Try our products catalog from here  ·      Al Mousa Specialized Cables Try our products catalog from here ·       Giza Cable Industries ·      EGEC, Egyptian for Engineering; Commerce  
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‎ The Top Category of Electrical Cables ‎| Constguide - Electrical Company
Electrical Cables can be defined by simple and basic definition is:-  “Electrical energy transporters from one point to a different relying on their use cables can have different configurations, and designed apply national & international standards and regulations “ Cables are classified into wide variety types depending upon effective factors. The most common classified factors are:- Components of an electrical cable   Types of electric conductors. Types of insulation for electric cables Types of metal protections for electrical cables Dimensioning criteria of electrical conductors Nomenclature of electrical cables according to standards Cables are also measured in volts as:- Low voltage cables.  Medium Voltage cables.  High Voltage cables. Classified by cables use and applications  And many other classifications for electrical cables, here some common categories of information  1) Control Cables IT USE For indoor and outdoor installations in wet and damp locations, connecting signaling and control systems in the industry, for the interconnection of machine parts, in traffic, in railway signals, in thermos & hydropower stations. They are laid in air, in ducts, in trenches, in steel support brackets or direct in the ground should be extremely flexible, and they are mainly manufacturing for household appliances, it is also used for the connection of motors or frequency converters.   2) Instrumentation Cables IT works as a signal carrier for Instrumentation equipment because it is flexible and shielded. Recommended to be utilized in indoor installation, on racks, in conduits, in dry and wet locations. Especially used for optimum data transmission with a high electromagnetic level interference. • 300V Collective Screen Un-Armored Instrumentation Cables  Multi-core cables  Multi-pair cables  Multi-triple cables • 300V Collective Screen Armored Instrumentation Cables  Multi-core cables Multi-pair cables Multi-triple cables • 500V Collective Screen Un-Armored Instrumentation Cables Multi-core cables Multi-pair cables  Multi-triple cables • 500V Collective Screen Armored Instrumentation Cables Multi-core cables  Multi-pair cables Multi-triple cables 3) Twisted Pair Cables IT has two or more copper wires insulated they are twisted with each other, these types of cables are usually used in telephone cables and we could measure its resistance by the number of wires. 4) Fire Resistant & Fire Alarm Cables IT became especially designed to transmit electrical energy in the extreme conditions that occur during a prolonged fire, so it an ideal solution for a wide range of applications it is preferred in emergency circuits with the public. Such as  .Houses, hotels multi-story buildings, stores, shops, Railways, Power stations, Emergency power supply works Fire warning plants, alarm systems, ventilation system, escalators, lifts, safety lights, etc.)    Fire Resistant cable 1) Multi-Core - Un-Armored 0.6/1 kV  2) Multi-Core - Armored 0.6/1 kV 3) Multi Pair - Un-Armored 500V 4) Multi Pair - Armored 500V 5) Multi Triple - Un-Armored 500V 6) Multi Triple - Armored 500V  Fire Alarm cable  o Solid 500V Unscreened o Stranded 500V Unscreened o Stranded 500V Screened o Flexible 500V Unscreened 5) Coaxial Cables IT suitable for Video Signaling, Digital Communication, and Power Limited applications Broadcast, Ethernet and RF signal transmission, for the Interconnection of Telecommunication Transmission Equipment, low power video signaling, and RF signed connection, it consists of steel conductor plated with copper which is enclosed in the metallic braid and metallic tape. It is roofed with an insulated outer jacket. 6) LAN Cables IT is used for data communications in local area networks for bandwidths up to 125 MHz, and also where additional protection from unwanted interference is required 7) Fiber Optics Cable We are just about conscious of what are ‎an optical fiber and its uses during a big variety of applications.‎ There are these sorts of cables that transport optical data signals from an attached light to the receiving device. 8) Power cables Energy cables for industrial facilities and public places. It is common to find power cables in applications for power transmission in all types of low voltage connections, for industrial use, and variable frequency drive (VFD). 9) Shielded Cables It consists of 1 or 2 insulated wires which are covered by a woven braided shield or aluminum Mylar foil for better signal transmission and removing irregularities within the frequency of power and external interference in radio.  10) Special cables There may be a big variety of electrical cables for special installations such as temporary light garland installations at trade fairs; connections for overhead cranes, hoists, and lifts; applications in submerged pumps and drinking water areas such as aquariums, purification systems, and drinking water fountains or swimming pools for lighting, purification and cleaning systems. The Best Electrical Company in Egypt   Costguide...The best engineering search engine includes a selection of the world's top companies in all engineering sectors such as “building, construction, constructions, electricity, machinery, equipment, finishes, decorations, furniture ... etc." So We Represent, The Best Csi Division for Electricity Company and Electrical Suppliers Such As:- ·       Electro Cable Egypt  Try our products catalog from here  ·       Elsewdy Cables  Try our products catalog from here  ·      Al Mousa Specialized Cables Try our products catalog from here ·       Giza Cable Industries ·      EGEC, Egyptian for Engineering; Commerce    
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what is Fire resistant Cables ?
Constguide is the best construction guide to help you to find the most important products and construction materials in the engineering and industrial fields in Egypt. Now, we will take you on a tour with the best Electrical Company which specialized in cables.  First, what are Fire resistant Cables?  What are fire alarm cables? What the most important applications? Let’s begin our article. Fire-resistant Cables:- Choosing the suitable cables is very important in all industrial, residential or commercial buildings when it comes to wiring system we should select proper cables for our applications fire-resistant cables continue working under a specified condition it excellent electrical insulator with long-term performance and can be very helpful to reduce vision-impairing smoke, no harm to individuals from halogenated acid gases.   A Fire resistant cable has many advantages, like:- - High performance, reliability, and protection of life  - Excellent electrical & mechanical properties - It contains Zero Halogen  - When burned Low smoke production - Highly flame-retardant - Low coefficient of friction - Easy to bend and install So, it became an ideal solution for a wide range of application such as:- 1. Houses, hotels 2. Commercial building like (multi-story buildings, stores, shops…etc.) 3. Railways, Power stations, Emergency power supply works. 4. Fire warning plants, alarm systems, ventilation system, escalators, lifts, safety lights,  5. Operation and intensive stations, maintenance equipment 6 .Entertainment building. (Theaters, cinemas….etc.) 7. Services building such as (schools, hospitals, airports….etc.) 8. Industrial plants with high valuable machines and materials or risky potentials    Fire Alarm Cables This type of cables transmits signals to the notification (Indicating) device Circuits such as alarm sounders, strobes & other remote signaling equipment.‎ Fire alarm cables work under high temperatures each to 105°C to do its function in ‎energizing or send the signals to a specific device and it is observed that the fire-resistant cables work under extreme conditions.  What is the difference between fire resistance cables, fire alarm cables? Fire Resistance Cables doesn’t require maintaining circuit integrity under fire conditions. Fire Alarm Cables only turns on the alarm systems at the beginning of the fire. Multi-Core Cables                                             I.  Multi-Core - Cu/PVC/PVC “Solid Fire Alarm Cables 500 V Unscreened Multi-Core cables to BS EN 50288-7 “                                             II. Multi-Core - Cu/PVC/PVC “Flexible Fire Alarm Cables 500 V unscreened Multi-Core cables to BS EN 50288-7”                                            III. Multi-Core - Cu/PVC/PVC “Stranded Fire Alarm Cables 500 V unscreened Multi-Core cables to BS EN 50288-7”                                           IV.         Multi-Core - Cu/PVC/OS/PVC “Stranded Fire Alarm Cables 500 V Overall Screening Multi-Core cables to BS EN 50288-7”    Fire Resistance Cables There are great needs for fire resistance cables which provide a Good system for emergency circuits where the integrity of the electric network is maintained during fire conditions. If we don’t have a fire-resistance cable, and the fire alarm circuits are burnt the whole alarm system is useless. The most Benefit of resistance cables is increasing time for people to escape, which is improving safety and human survival in a fire. Fire resistance cables are decreasing the damage to buildings and electronic equipment.     1.  Single Core Cables Single-Core - Cu/MICA/XLPE/LS0H “Single Core with Copper Conductors to IEC 60331 & BS 6387 “ Single-Core - Cu/MICA/LS0H “Fire Guard 100 - LPCB Single core with copper conductors to BS 6387” Single-Core - Cu/MICA/XLPE/LS0H “Single Core with Copper Conductors to BS 6387”  Single-Core - Cu/MICA/LS0H “Fire Guard 100 - LPCB Single core with copper conductors to BS 6387” 2. Multi-Core Cables Multi-Cores - Cu/MICA/XLPE/SWA/LS0H “Multi-Core with Copper Conductors to IEC 60331 & BS 6387” Multi-Triple - Cu/MICA/XLPE/OS/LS0H “ Un-Armoured Fire Resistant Cables 500 V Collective Screen Multi-Triple cables to BS EN 50288-7& IEC 60331”  Multi-Triple - Cu/MICA/XLPE/OS/SWA/LS0H “Armoured Fire Resistant Cables 500 V Collective Screen Multi-Triples cables to BS EN 50288-7 & IEC 60331”  Multi-Pair Cu/MICA/OS/LS0H “Un-Armoured Fire Resistant Cables 500 V Collective Screen Multi-Pair cables to BS EN 50288-7 & IEC 60331  Multi-Pair - Cu/MICA/OS/SWA/LS0H “Armoured Fire resistant Cables 500 V Collective Screen Multi-Pair cables to BS EN 50288-7 & IEC 60331 Multi-Core - Cu/MICA/XLPE/OS/LS0H “Un Armoured Fire Resistant Cables 0.6/1 collective Screen Multi-Core cables to IEC 60502 & IEC 60331.  Multi-Core - Cu/MICA/XLPE/OS/SWA/LS0H “Armoured Fire Resistant Cables 0.6/1 kV Collective Screen Multi-Core cables to IEC 60502 & IEC 60331” Multi-Core - Cu/MICA/XLPE/SWA/LS0H “Multicores with copper conductors to BS 7846 & 6387 “ The Best Electrical Company in Egypt   Costguide...The best engineering search engine includes a selection of the world's top companies in all engineering sectors such as “building, construction, constructions, electricity, machinery, equipment, finishes, decorations, furniture ... etc." So We Represent, The Best Csi Division for Electricity Company and Electrical Suppliers Such As:-  Electro Cable Egypt               Try our products catalog from here  Elsewdy Cables                   Try our products catalog from here Al Mousa Specialized Cables                Try our products catalog from here  Giza Cable Industries EGEC, Egyptian for Engineering; Commerce  
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Construction Specifications Institute CSI division
Construction Specifications Institute CSI division The Building Specifications Institute (CSI) is a nationwide association of more than 8,000 building and construction industry professionals who are experts in building construction and the materials used in them. The main mission of the Institute is to improve the presentation of information on all building requirements and finishes through a database that converts it into standards to improve project delivery processes, to help users throughout the life cycle of the facility. The construction Standards Institute (CSI) publishes standards to assist the engineering sectors in organizing, writing and publishing the standards. The American Institute of Architects (AIA) also publishes standard agreements that help define specifications. There are 48 sectors in CSI division standard:- (HVAC) Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning Deal with all Manufacturers and engineering sector, which related to Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) are organized by the product or the material into CSI division sections.  Facility Fuel Systems HVAC Piping and Pumps HVAC Air Distribution HVAC Air Cleaning Devices Central Heating Equipment Central Cooling Equipment And many other sectors like:  Electrical sector, finishes sector, safety and firefighting sector, concrete sector, etc. For more details Browse By CSI Divisions Constguide , who we are? To know the most important companies in Egypt in all industrial fields. "Building and construction and constructions, electricity, machinery and equipment, finishes and decorations, furniture ... etc." The first guide to the world of construction in Egypt "Constguide" Every engineer, contractor, and specialized companies have an integrated world in your hands online, through which you can browse the most important news of the world of industry and construction, the most important local and regional tenders, as well as the jobs available to major companies in Egypt and the Middle East, and ways to join and apply for them. Companies guide from here Follow the most important news through facebook linkedin 
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The issue of improving the quality of Egyptian electrical product is an important and national mission that deserves attention and consideration scientifically.
 Intelligent Project Manager, spoke about the significant efforts exerted by the company in electricity field. “Such efforts are not limited to the engineers and contractors, but also the manufacturer and authorized agent in Egypt and Africa. When it is desired to market the electricity, certain magazine or exhibit is not chosen to publish the advertisement. However, useful reference has been provided in order to close the gap between contractor/ consultant and investor. In usual, the consultants look for advertising agencies very hard, but they finally rely on one of the well- know companies, as evidenced by there are many advertising agencies in the market but neither contractors / consultants nor investors know nothing about them, even thought their services are comparable to the well- know companies.” Areej Mohamed said. “Intelligent is an encyclopedia, not merely a magazine. It presents all companies in power and electricity market in Egypt and all Africa. Accordingly, it is working to close the gap between the investor, manufacturer to electrical product, and contractor/ consultant. The details of encyclopedia are all the exhibit companies in market. It is delivered for free in order to help all the peoples. For instance cables, the encyclopedia presents all companies producing cables with all their technical features. Thereby, the contractor or consultant is able to identify all the producer companies.” Areej Mohamed added. “We are lack of many products in the market, although the domestic production will stop the imports and reduce the foreign currency. We can also compete with the other African products. Thus, to achieve such aim, we have to apply the standards of each product. For example Amt - Inc accessories, there is very small scale of the Egyptian factories that product them, if not one factory in 6th October City, however, the market is, indeed, need huge quantities of the same. The same for cable block- connectors, we import it, even thought we are able to manufacture them easily. If the investor manufactures such products by the relevant standards, he will break into the market strongly.” Eng. Ibrahim Elsayed, Spokesman of ECG Company, said. One of the products that hardly find in any factory in Egypt is the metal products, despite their ease of their production. We need also factories to produce the torches since we only finish the torches. By achieving the same, we will fill a huge gap regarding the imports. In addition, we can develop production line for the master of boards to save hard currency and increase the local production. “Concerning production of motors, the global information emphasizes that the motors consume around 64% of the consumed power around the world. I also suggest to establish a line to product them to overcome a big shortage in the local market.” “We need to do many studies on breaking into solar energy field, so we can make the best use of it. Therefore, I call upon the officials to pay attention to this field because it is considered one of the free energies that does not cost so much, as well as, it is clean energy. There is no oil company has agreed with the electricity companies to develop the field of producing the cells of solar energy. The product should fulfill its standards issued by the Egyptian Authority. There is a committee to visit the factories producing new products in order to monitor the application of product standards and to test them until the final approval.”   “The issue of improving the quality of Egyptian electrical product is an important and national mission that deserves attention and consideration scientifically. The first step to achieve the same is to pay attention to the quality standards. Although we are aware of them, they and their levels of application vary from one company to another. The quality standards are the only reason getting the consumer to trust a certain company rather than anyone else. On the other hand, if the local producers meet these standards, the value of local product will increase, not only at the local level, but also at the Middle East or even the world because Egypt is a pioneer company in the field of electricity. In the field of mechanics, there are many equipment and machines are imported. The electrical products in market, unlike, are locally manufactured. However, sometimes some of contractors and owners bring an imported product since the quality standards are not applied. Indeed, we do not need new quality standards but we only need the supervision the existing standards.” Eng. Hossam Hamdy, Electrical Consultant Engineer in EHAF. “The second step to raise the quality of the local product is to reduce the maximum number of errors. For instance, Japan is proud of being not allowed to make errors. How far back can Egypt do that in manufacturing the product? We want every worker in this system to adhere to this principle, or at least not to make major error in the product. The third step is to raise the minimum level of design. After applying all these steps, it is the time of ensuring the validity of chosen product and the suitability for its application. This depends on the relationship between the consultant, the supplier and the owner. At first, the owner has to know what he wants from the product because if he does not know it enough, he will choose product of more required features or vice versa. Secondly, the consultant’s role is to explain what is required without leaving many inquiries to the contractor so as not waste time or put the product at risk. The supplier should conduct research on the local market needs and the necessity to meet them. For example, the consultant requests certain thing, then, we find that the supplier does not provide the required product unless it is requested by specific order.” He also emphasized that the quality standards are more important than the development, explaining that the focus only on development is the biggest mistake. That's like that a one has a law, but he does not enforce it. This does not mean that development is not important, but the quality must be applied firstly since it is a way of life. In addition, the negative results must be avoided. On the other hand, Hamdy pointed out that it is not important that the Egyptian product is a competitor in all its aspects, as one advantage is sufficient. For example, we prefer the Japanese car to the German car in terms of the AC. So the producer must focus his attention to find the field, in which he will be number one. Meanwhile, he stated that "EHAF" is one of companies that tackled the issues by a purely scientific manner, not just media and diplomatic manner, as it is considered the main way for success. Moreover, he asserted that the approved manufacturers list shall be developed and updated consistently. The consultant who does not follow such instructions is considered substandard. Whereas, there are new companies in trust and approved companies that declined such as "Nokia" Company, its business is declined completely, however, each consultant has different features. Whereas, there is a consultant who updates and develops his own knowledge consistently, not depending on an old standard, another one who judges the product by the country of origin, which is mainly wrong. HAMDY addresses consultants saying that the judgment shall not be based on product name or country of origin, but based on the standard that makes us accept the American product and German product at the same time refuse the Chinese product. For example, in a project for making cables in "Hilton", 4 common trade names and 3 unknown trade names are mentioned, finally, one of unknown trade names is chosen as we can trust in it and it is based on the consultant's honesty. On the contrary, Eng. MAHMOUD HAMDY, Manager of Projects Zone for Precision Consulting Engineering Office, has discussed the Egyptian product issue and the reliability culture "We have a complete market that is developed constantly, but we do not notice that" he said. In addition, he clarified that the Egyptian product is available and appropriate, however, there is not a service helps people to be acquaint with the available products; thus it is not available for all companies to enter the market. He expressed his admiration towards "Intelligent" Encyclopedia as it provides updated information over electricity market. Furthermore, he added that all products have power indicator and its power consumption to not cost more in the future. "Precision Company" has studied and discussed such matter and divided it into 3 indicators: Power consumption amount, Local component percentage for each product and customer indicator which has to be developed each 3 months, whereas, a group will collect information about market; another will observe the customers' reactions over the product. Therefore, we can ask Consumer Protection Agency for help to determine the consumer complaints. In addition to, he asserted the necessity to give the developed product a chance to be available; therefore he suggested that Ministry of Industry and companies available in market have to hold a meeting to discuss over changing our conception towards Egyptian product and concentrating on the problem of exchange information. Therefore, it is necessary to count the products, increase the competitiveness and create a research unit for the product that deserves to reach better results, whereas the product will be 30% Egyptian instead of 15%. He discussed the positive role of exchanging information and knowledge between companies, thus the matter changes from what is exactly required to actual participation and find solutions for problems by meetings or social media; such as groups created on What's App and Facebook, therefore, the competitiveness will be increased and better. He asserted that all suggestions will be implemented soon, then we will create indicators for all products to determine the proportion if it is local, as well as, he talked about the main role of consultant to convince the customer that the product is a reliable product. Moreover, he added that all applicable laws in governmental organizations are put because of long history of dealings, however, there is no a comprehensive law. Therefore, many problems have been occurred in dealings that promote the country to amend the law. He stated that the Egyptian product has to be distinctive and reliable, for example, the German product, once the customer realizes that the product is German, he feels comfortable and trust which is based on their great efforts, as well as, he argues that the consulting offices and Egyptian companies working in electricity field have to communicate with each other in the following period.   Eng. TAMER RAMZY, an electrical consultant, expressed his preference for the Egyptian product if it meets the international specifications, thus we will not need to foreign products, as well as, he hoped that electricity market will be based on local products. Eng. MAGY, affiliated to Maamoon Establishment for Electrical Engineering, said that company is operating in most of electricity sectors, approved by "Schneider ", clarifying that the company faces a problem which is non-changing policy by governmental agencies "if the government assigned a good consultant, it never changes him" she said. Eng. MOHAMED SALEM, Deputy chairman of ABB Egypt located at north central Africa and Manager of 10th of Ramadan company factories, spoke under the point of view of manufacturers, especially international companies working in electricity market in Egypt, as well as, he tackled 4 important points: overview of the company, responsibilities of international companies working in Egypt and its roles towards small-cap companies, support required laws by ministries and government generally and some recommendations in electricity industry for new investors in Egyptian market. Furthermore, he stated that (ABB) considered the largest and oldest company in Egyptian market, it started in 1978 as one of Arab Contractors companies then it was transferred to 10th of Ramadan City, as well as, it was the first plant in Egypt and Middle East in electrical panel industry. After Arab Contractors company sold all its shares, over 40 years, (ABB) completely possessed, since 2000 (ABB) became the only owner of the company. International Company (ABB) is an European company started in Swede and Swiss, in addition, in 1820, it was the first company working for electricity industry. Over previous 125 years, many agreements had been signed between the company and many European companies (Italian - German). "SALEM" declared number of obligations that company has committed concerning industry in Egypt as an international company; First: nationalization of technology in Egypt, in an attempt to develop the electricity industry which means that not only selling products in Egyptian market but encouraging foreign companies to invest in Egyptian market and making use of good sources of Egypt; one of the most important sources is manpower, he said "Actually, we had so professional engineers who able to bear responsibility, in addition, the company has to help engineers and Egyptian labor to develop", adding that the company has now more than 200 engineers in (ABB) factories in Europe, America, Canada and Asian countries such as Malaysia and Thailand. Second obligation towards electricity industry in Egypt: focus on product quality is considered the most important factor for respect our customer, whereas, it is usually necessary to raise the customers' expectations. He also asserted that the local product has to equal the foreign product; taking into consideration Egyptian culture. Therefore, the succeeded manufacturer is the one who able to distinguish his own product and make it suitable for customers overseas taking into consideration different cultures. Third obligation: promote the culture of safety and professional health for all workers in Egypt. It is not directed for industrial committee but for whole committee. Fourth: Human Development; Engineering Skills develops in the engineering faculties and other companies, "we have many contributions in the engineering faculties labs as well as Protective devices, communication, electrical panels and the effective practice in the dual technical education which are the most important development elements for the electrical industries in Egypt, thus, we will have technicians are able to carry responsibility and assemble the products properly" he said. Clarifying that if the manufacturer wants to continue in markets, its product shall comply with the last international standard, health and safety of workers, and quality tests which conduct to avoid the risks and to ensure of product efficiency regardless the great costs, but it works for companies to maintain for more than 40 years as well as gaining the customer trust. Fifth: the manufacturer shall have integrity, to gain the customer respect on its product. Sixth: helping the technical staff to learn, improve and to be leadership figures. This help may be provided by other organization, e.g; there are many leaders in the competing organization of ABB have helped by the company. Also, he confirms that there are some foreign companies entered the market during the last two years and did not comply with the industrial obligations, but it only exploits the Egyptian market. Salam asks the officials to reconsider the issue of industrial electricity especially, in concerning of the ownership system which exists in many developed and developing countries, adding that; the optimal system is beneficial ownership for 30 to 40 years, because the serious investor, whether was Egyptian or foreign, calculate the value of the land over of 30 to 40 years as a maximum. Therefore, when the industrial land offered by the beneficial ownership, the land brokers and the specialized of land hoarding will stop to enter the land business as well as, we will ensure of exist the serious investor in order to maintain the property rights of  Egyptian lands for coming generations.  He noted the important of paying the due attention to export; in case of the product satisfies with its local market, with stay in the same step, because it cannot keep pace with the international standards and eventually it will decline in market, in the contrary of the good local manufacturer is the one who targets to pay attention for export, thus any local product have a plan doesn't include the exporting and developing the exports will be in the wrong path. Therefore, he asks the officials in Egypt to activate the international conventions of commerce such as the last convention in Africa. Describing the experience of the "COMESA" was good because it promotes the Egyptian exporter to export to "COMESA" countries. Similarly, the conventions with Southern, western and central African countries shall be observed and encouraging Maritime, land or air transport, and even transport from Egypt to African countries because in many cases, the Egyptian product is 15% less than the global prices and almost by the same quality. But, the transport costs from Egypt to any other country as Tanzania and Mozambique will be four times for the same product, if it transferred from Spain or Portugal due to lack of developed transport lines such as European countries or turkey which transferred its products to Africa by much more cheaper prices. While the current Egyptian product has the same quality of the European and turkey product or even better, on other hand, the Egyptian import will be less in time, and prices by 10% or 15% but because of transport we are totally out of the running. The vice president of ABB advises the small manufacturers to pay attention for the human resources because the industry in general and the electricity industry in particular are depending on the human resources.  Having High qualified engineers and technicians may make the product break into the world. Therefore, the good investor and successful manufacturer shall note the same, because the engineer or technician has a lot of responsibilities, and he may do mistakes. So, human resources and its trainings are very important. He clarifies that the cut-off point of developing or non-devolving specifications is the product obtaining the IDC certificate. Hence, there are general and particular specifications for the product.  The general specifications is A –B which means the extend of product conformity with IDC standards, while the particular one is depend on the distributor and its conditions for example; the store in street  has its own running conditions which require different dimensions shall be comply with the customer otherwise the product will be rejected, In addition to, the results of industrial development authority in order to obtain the required licenses as manufacturer and the product certification.  If the product was electrical, there is committee in the ministry of electricity and power currently approved all the products and so cooperated with the manufacturers. It also tests all products whether were accessories, panels, transformers, heaters or etc. There is lab at the Ministry of Industry, and all the above-mentioned labs may give certification to make the product approved. He said that one of means used by the company to prove the efficiency of the product, is to put the product in markets for a year or two, in order to gain the customer trust then it has its validity certification e.g a store coated by GRB for water resistant, which had been used by many African counties, and we starts to use it in north coast near the water and leave it for couple of years, then we discovered that it can endure unfavorable environmental factors and prove its efficiency. He mentioned the company training programs that accept undergraduates, and start its advertising campaigns on social media and official website in April each year for one month paid summer training to all students in the faculty of engineering. He added that the training is so organized. The students divide into groups and trained in factory from 8 am to 5 pm daily. The students, who prove its proficiency in training, shall have the priority in appointment at (ABB). There also the customers training, where they receives courses in electricity industry field.      
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Al-Fanar Co.
International Sales and Marketing Manager of Al-Fanar Company reveal fearless dialogue;  Al-Fanar Co. on the top of manufacturing electrical products in Saudi Arabia By: Constguide Media Team In fearless dialogue, Mohamed Fahd El-Osaimy, International Sales and Marketing Manager at Al-Fanar Company which is Saudi company specialized in manufacturing electrical construction products and contracting works, and the right arm of the Alfanar Electric Co., Al-Fanar Company owns the beigest industrial city in the Middle East with total area 700,000 M2, includes 14 Electricity plant and manufactures all equipment and tools in between the iron cans to wires and electrical transformers. Now, The Company manufactures all the requirements of any project, starting of the infrastructure to Electric Power Distribution and finishes, all of which are 100% Saudi industry products, said;   How do you see the Egyptian markets nowadays? Egyptian markets become economically stronger and promising for all international and Arab Companies because it is the economic gate to Asian and African markets. All those attributes help us to enter the Egyptian Markets, actually we are now in the Egyptian Markets as manufactures but under the name of the Alfanar Electric Co. and we were included in the Benban's solar power project as a contractor of AlfaSolar Company.   When did the company launch in Africa? Alfanar Co. starts to exist in the African markets such as; Nigeria, Ethiopia and Ghana and we have already presentence in those markets, you know they are big markets alongside with the Egyptian market which becomes our start in the Africa as whole.   Do you have participation with national projects? The company has already received the official approval from the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company on entering the Egyptian market. We are planning to break into the market by setting up and executing more than one project, in the coming period. We participates in Electrix, as our first step, in order to conclude many agreements to start work, since Electrix Exhibition is the gateway for the How do you see the Exhibit this year? The exhibit is one of the biggest international exhibits and known to Gulf. During the last years, we were Visitors in this exhibit but now we are Participants and you know that the Arabic and African Markets was lack of the international market.   
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If architecture is the canary in the coalmine, the outlook for construction is appalling
Architecture suffers before building does. A survey of more than 450 architecture practices conducted by the Association of Consulting Architects finds that two thirds have lost more than 30% of their revenue, and eight in ten have had projects cancelled or put on hold. Six in ten are relying on JobKeeper. Half have cut pay or working hours. Three in ten have stood down or sacked staff. Only 15% believe they have enough work to see out the year. In total, the survey finds more than A$10 billion of projects have either been cancelled or put on hold, just among those responding to the survey. John Held, the National President of the Association of Consulting Architects says unless there is a more effective stimulus package for construction, the government will need to consider extending JobKeeper beyond its expiry in September to prevent the loss of many normally-viable architectural practices. Without a pipeline of projects, a substantial rise in unemployment across the whole construction sector will result Dr Peter Raisbeck, an expert in the building and construction industry at the University of Melbourne, says two thirds of architects in Australia are small businesses employing less than five people, operating on small profit margins. Widespread insolvencies amongst these vulnerable firms would be catastrophic The design professions – architecture and engineering – are the canary in the coalmine for the wider construction industry. If those professions are in a slump now, construction itself will most probably be in big trouble in three to six months. A window on the future Surveys point to fewer cranes on the horizon. JULIAN SMITH/AAP The findings are reinforced by forecasts prepared by the Australian Construction Industry Forum. They show that while engineering construction on projects such as motorways and public transport is likely to hold up reasonably well, residential and non residential construction, already weak prior to COVID-19, is set to slump over this year and the next, with the brunt of the impact being felt in NSW and Victoria. It will be very bad for employment. The building and construction industry consists of nearly 400,000 businesses that directly employ more than 1.2 million Australians. Most of the supply chain for building materials is in Australia, particularly for low-rise residential buildings. The immediate priority should be to ensure that projects continue to be designed and documented to avoid the “valley of death” caused by the need for drawings to be completed before construction can start. We’ve had warning If eight out of ten architectural practices have projects that have been cancelled or put on hold now, there will be a significant shortage of projects going to tender later in 2020 and in 2021. Based on the numbers in the surveys, the loss of jobs in construction could add two percentage points to unemployment during 2021. To overcome the valley of death, something needs to be done to restart projects that have been deferred or cancelled. To their credit, state and territory governments have brought forward varying amounts of public works projects, including schools, hospitals and a small amount of social housing. In Victoria, the acceleration of the government’s combustible cladding replacement program is also helping to prop up demand. Unfortunately, the evidence from the Association of Consulting Architects survey suggests this won’t be enough. Read more: HomeBuilder might be the most-complex least-equitable construction jobs program ever devised HomeBuilder, the federal government’s $680 million program intended to “save the tradies”, appears to have stalled. So far, none of the states has finalised an implementation plan for the scheme, perhaps because it was so poorly designed. In Sydney, where a lot of houses may exceed the $1.5 million value cap, some builders are complaining that the scheme is actually delaying decisions while homeowners wait to see if it will apply to them. And we know what to do We can learn from history. The Rudd government’s $3 billion (in today’s money) Building the Education Revolution scheme was successful in stimulating construction and delivering jobs during the global financial crisis. The $3 billion Home Insulation Program (later known as the “pink batts” program) also created jobs. Although there was widespread and justified criticism of how both programs were implemented, they were big enough and quick enough to make a difference to employment. And they delivered general benefits. We should be able to learn from these ideas and the mistakes that were made in their implementation. Read more: What'll happen when the money's snatched back? Our looming coronavirus support cliff The Morrison government’s efforts to support the construction industry to date have been too small and too slow. The architects survey suggests the design professions will go over a cliff in September. The construction forecast suggests that the construction industry will follow them over in 2021. State and local governments have a long list of useful school, health and community projects that could go ahead now if the federal government made the money available. Many shovel-ready projects that have been cancelled are in the higher education sector, many of them meant to deliver the STEM graduates or STEM research that the government says it is keen on. There is also a crying need for good social housing, made more apparent by developments in Melbourne. If we learned anything from the global financial crisis, it was that going hard and early worked. It is not too late to do it now, but it will be soon.
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The robust SENNEBOGEN 9300 E has been working in Italy since October 2019.
The 9300 E Harbour Mobile Crane is exceptional in terms of its size and performance. It is a true power house, that has been designed for continuous operation: With a boom length of 40 meters and a 563 kW motor it now started its new duties in the Italian port of Brindisi. The machine was delivered to Sir Spa in Brindisi by Cesaro Mac Import Srl, SENNEBOGEN's official Italian sales and service partner. The green "giant" first undertook an elaborate journey on the Danube route to Constanta in Romania before being set up in its destination. There the crane was reloaded and then transported by sea to Brindisi. Moreover, the 9300 E is a modern Harbour Mobile Crane with an operating radius of 40 meters and a lifting capacity of up to 90 tonnes, specially designed for handling general cargo and bulk material. The harbour mobile crane concept is an attractive solution for many ports as the machine can be moved flexibly at the edge of the pier and its performance covers a wide range of different applications. Thanks to the large boom length, the crane is used for handling various bulk materials on ships up to Panamax class and is used for container handling on Feeder ships. In Brindisi, the crane proved its high bulk material handling performance in the first weeks after delivery. The new owners based their decision buying the 9300 E from SENNEBOGEN on a number of reasons, including Sir's trust in SENNEBOGEN's already well-known material handling solutions: the company has been working successfully with an 850 material handler for several years. The resulting good relationship with its distribution partner Cesaro Mac Import encouraged those responsible to continue to rely on the Italian dealer's service and support in the future. OPERATOR COMFORT: WORKING SAFELY WITH A FANTASTIC VIEW OVER THE PORT Particularly noteworthy is the height adjustment of the Portcab. At a viewing height of 21.2 meters, the operator has an excellent panoramic view of the entire working area from his comfortable and spacious cab. In addition, the height-adjustable cab can be moved over the ship's loading area, allowing the operator to look into the hold without having to rely solely on cameras. The additionally installed cameras offer the operator even more safety when precise loading work is required in the ship's hull. The operator safely and conveniently accesses the cab entrance at a height of nine meters via a safe system consisting of just a few stairs. DESIGNED FOR CONTINUOUS OPERATION AND EASE OF MAINTENANCE The 9300 E is working 24 hours a day without interruption in the port of Brindisi and therefore has to be extremely powerful and robust. Its maintenance is notably user-friendly thanks to the machine’s design: when building the Harbour Mobile Crane, SENNEBOGEN paid attention to the ease of maintenance and accessibility to the machine components. The accessible and spacious Powerpack unit directly behind the winch house allows easy servicing of the motor, and all control and analysis units can be reached conveniently. During installation, it is possible to mount the Powerpack and the winch house in two separate module units. Thanks to the roof of the Powerpack, that can be opened up comfortably, maintenance of larger components is safe and particularly easy. Another plus, according to the Sir operators, is the simplicity of the crane's design, which works with relatively little electronics on board - in line with the SENNEBOGEN motto: "No over-engineering".