Who We Are


bina precast, leading the kingdom of saudi arabia’s precast companies, specializes in industrial construction of precast concrete elements

This subsidiary of Bina Holding was established in 2007, specializing in manufacturing of precast and pre-stressed products which are used in the construction industry. The company's vision revolves around strengthening its leadership in the Saudi market through the development of innovative and cost-effective solutions that meet the needs of its clints. The company provides a set of diversified, economically viable and robust products that suit all building and construction purposes, whether in industrial, commercial or residential projects.


To achieve its vision of offering economical, durable, quicker, higher quality control and safer precast solutions for the client’s construction projects in all sectors; through its divisions of sales, technical-QC, production, erection and administration. BINA precast adopts the latest technology in its operations with top facilities, machinery and equipment available in the market.


BINA precast is focused in maintaining its position as one of the leaders of precast manufacturer in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, mainly ensuring the top importance of its valued customer’s satisfaction in all sectors served.

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