Low Voltage Lead Sheathed Cables are used mainly in the utilities and petrochemical industries owing to the lead sheathing’s resistance to sulfides, water, oil and any corrosive chemicals found in the ground water.

Low Voltage Lead Sheathed Cables have an extended lifespan, making them a reliable option for large-scale, infrastructure-related uses.

At Riyadh Cables, our range of multi-core Low Voltage Lead Sheathed Cables come with XLPE or PVC insulation and the standard sheathing is Extruded Lead Alloy Type PB021K to BS EN 12548 (previously known as type “E”) with a nominal thickness as per IEC 60502-1. Special requests can be accommodated for the lead sheathing of varying thicknesses as well.

For LV Lead Sheathed Cables, we are able to supply fire retardant PVC, anti-termite / anti-rodent PVC, sunlight resistant PVC, and oil resistant PVC. Special sheathing materials such as low smoke halogen free (LSHF), LLDPE, and MDPE are also available on request.

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