Cooling Towers

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Cooling Towers

A cooling tower is a heat rejection device, which extracts waste heat into the atmosphere by cooling the water stream to a lower temperature. This type of heat rejection in a cooling tower is called “evaporation” in that it allows a small portion of the cooled water to evaporate to the air It moves to provide an amount of cooling to the rest of the water stream. The heat from the water stream is transferred to the air stream, raising the air temperature and relative humidity to 100%. This air is discharged into the atmosphere

Manufacturing: The cooling tower is made of galvanized steel plates, a thickness of 2 mm, and assembled with galvanized nails (stainless steel plates are available upon request).

Basin: It consists of galvanized steel plates with the thickness of the top tightly assembled, and the basin includes a compensation valve, an inlet, an outlet inlet, an outlet inlet for excess water, an inlet for filtering, and a stainless steel strainer.

Anti-rust coating: Two layers of epoxy coating for both the outer and inner surface.

Cooling tower filling: P.V.C units are heat resistant and easy to install and remove.

Anti-spray: high-quality P.V.C units that are easy to remove to reach the water distribution system.

Water Distribution System: - Distribution and planting battery made of P.V.C or iron. - Sprayers made of P.V.C or copper (easy to clean)

Air entry: The frame is made of galvanized sheet metal, which is easy to remove.

Available disassembled: The possibility of supplying cooling towers disassembled, which allows the tower to be installed on buildings that have limited access to the place of assembly of the tower, such as doors, stairs, elevators, or a narrow corridor.

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