Adjustable Radial


The frame and blades are made from high quality extruded aluminum profiled construction with Powder coated color finish.

Supple swirl diffuser and return swirl diffuser can be supplied with volume damper to control static pressure and the air volume flow rate; installed in plenum box.

Square steel swirl diffuser with adjustable radial air pattern is used for the supply of cooled or heated air.

in facilities such as offices, shopping centers, schools, Diffusers for ceiling or exposed duct mounting.

The square diffuser offered, complete with a plenum box with side·or top connection.

This diffuser can also be used for exhaust.

The diffuser is equipped with adjustable PVC deflectors creating the possibility to obtain an external or internal swirl.

A high induction is obtained by the exceptional swirl discharge, which makes them extremely suitable for VAV terminal boxes.

Foam gasket is sealed around the back of the frame as option to avoid air leakage.

Powder coated color finish per RAL color codes as s tandard and flexibility of finish.

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