The 5th International Specialized Exhibition and Conference on Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Heating, Thermal Insulation and Energy


An expected dream and a saying become a true:

Egypt is currently witnessing an unprecedented growth in all fields. How not when the political leadership said  

" its word that "Egypt will turn into another country that the world has not heard of

And here is the dream come true, and the saying has become tangible actions on the ground. So we see things that did not occur to us, even after years and years, but generations and generations.

A growth  in all areas of political, economic, social, industrial, residential, agricultural, and other aspects of life, which we could not limit due to the large number of achievements.

Egypt does not pay any attention to any obstacle impeding its progress, nor does it turn to anyone trying to drag it back. And it will not shake it if the whole world will be shaken by the Corona pandemic. 

Which is still claiming the lives and economies of entire countries.

For Egypt to say its word that it is safe and reassuring, thanks to God Almighty. Then thanks to its sons who do not hesitate to support its leadership and stands behind everyone who tries to push the wheel of progress and prosperity forward.

The international exhibition and conference is on an important official aspect:

The Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy overlooks us and enters through the big door of the Egypt International Exhibition Center in New Cairo.

The company revealed Cairo Expo, which is a specialized and pioneering company in organizing exhibitions and conferences. On the launch of the activities of the 5th session of the international exhibition and conference "HVAC-R EGYPT EXPO - ASHRAE CAIRO". The specialist in the field of refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, thermal insulation and energy. And that is from 1: 3 of April of the year 2021, located in the Egypt Exhibition Center in the axis of the Field Marshal Tantawi.

It also participates in this annual event, which is the most important of its kind in our dear Egypt and the Middle East. In the fields of refrigeration and air conditioning industries, the largest companies specialized in the field of heating, energy, thermal insulation, refrigeration and air conditioning, both Egyptian and foreign.

The Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy at the head of the conference attendees:

The Egyptian official side, represented by the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy, was keen. And headed by His Excellency Dr. / Mohamed Shaker Al-Marqbi, Minister of Electricity, to attend and honor the conference and its activities. In addition to the large participation of a number of board members of the Chamber of Building Materials Industry, Ashry Pyramids Association and Ashri Cairo. And a large number of heads of banks and financial institutions and heads of export councils. This is in addition to ambassadors for African countries and ambassadors of foreign and Arab countries in Cairo, the capital of the great nation.

Events of the International Exhibition and Conference:

He also added a statement from the Cairo Expo Company. The conference is scheduled to contain a number of seminars and discussions on the future of the air conditioning and refrigeration industry. The exhibition reviews everything new in the fields of ventilation, thermal insulation, cooling systems, spare parts for handling units, and protection and control systems. As well as cooling towers, ventilation systems, tubes, fire protection, fans, boilers, and solar energy systems.

Activities accompanying the International Exhibition and Conference:

The conference is also honored by the presence of a number of professors specializing in these fields. And who do scientific and practical lectures in all areas covered by the conference.

The exhibition also includes an overview of the opportunities and challenges facing these industries and the means for their growth and development. In addition, attendees were informed of every international experience and the latest global regulations regarding this important industrial sector.

A real opportunity during the exhibition:

Also, this international exhibition and conference is a real opportunity for exhibiting companies to bypass the recession in the local and international markets during the previous period. Which was caused by the Corona virus, may God protect us from it. Which negatively affected the growth rates of local and international markets.

The impact of the real estate market on the exhibition:

This international conference and exhibition comes in light of a real boom in the real estate sector that Egypt has brought about in that field. By adopting the political leadership to establish high-quality housing units and compounds available to all who wish. The extent of the direct correlation between the real estate sector and the areas of refrigeration and air conditioning, and the extent of the recovery of this industry with the recovery of the real estate market.

Extraordinary session:

The conference takes place under exceptional circumstances for the first time in its history. Where the authorities involved in organizing this exhibition and the Cairo Expo Company have taken all precautionary measures, including sterilization and disinfection. This is to preserve visitors to its exhibition in light of the global outbreak of the Coronavirus.

The history of the exhibition:

It is noteworthy that this exhibition is not held for the first time, but rather that its activities were held in previous years and it was the best it could be. Thanks to the companies that participated in it and were very carefully selected by the organizing company. Which had a great positive impact in determining the quality of the attendees and the extent of their great interest in achieving the best results in the areas of the exhibition.

There is no doubt that the recent economic and political climate in Egypt. It has had a great impact on the success of any commercial or economic activity. Long live Egypt for its children and the children of Egypt for the elevation of their homeland

Constguide company, the media partner of the exhibition, invites you for 3 days to participate in specialized workshops and learn about different modern technologies in the field of refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, thermal insulation and energy through communication with more than 190 Egyptian, Arab and foreign companies

The exhibition is being held at the Egypt International Exhibition Center - New Cairo

During the period from 1 to 3 April

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