The new administrative capital is the most important compound and the characteristics of life in it

The new administrative capital is the most important compound and the characteristics of life in it

The new administrative capital is the most important compound and the characteristics of life in it

The luxury of residential projects in the New Capital:

The New Administrative Capital project is witnessing a real and qualitative boom in terms of the luxury of finishes and the sophistication of its residential neighborhoods.

Comfort, tranquility, luxury and sophistication have made the established residential units and engineering constructions within the New Administrative Capital a haven and a goal for excellence enthusiasts.

The difference in construction, the splendor of the architecture, the splendor of designs, the luxury of living, the diversity of designs and finishes make them rightly the focus of attention of those trying to escape from the noise of cities.

Contracting companies have combined between Raqqa, providing private spaces and recreational areas, and have succeeded in creating a mixture between calm and service diversity.

 Project Description :

The New Administrative Capital is a true bridge linking the political, economic and cultural entities in the Middle East and North Africa.

To provide an economic climate with an infrastructure to be a nucleus for sustainable development whose effects live on for generations and generations.

No matter how creative the pen is in its description, the words do not know an accurate meaning to describe the facilities and services that the new administrative capital will contain.

  •  The new capital contains the central park called "Capital Park", which has an area of ​​more than 100 acres and a length of more than 10 km.
  • It is two and a half times larger than New York's Central Park, as the first model was built on only 7 acres.
  •  The Green River is 35 km long and is linked between all universities and neighborhoods of the city to simulate the Nile River in Cairo.
  • It is thus considered the largest green hubs in the world, containing central and recreational parks with free entry on an area of ​​5,000 acres.
  •  The city includes 6000 cameras, making it one of the largest centers of security control and control in the world.
  •  The project will be linked to a railway line linking all railway networks in the republic.
  •  The electric train will be connected to Belbeis and the 10th of Ramadan by this electric train.
  •  On an area of ​​16 km, an international airport will be established in the New Administrative Capital.
  •  The city contains many services, such as a conference center, as well as a medical city, a sports city, and an exhibition city.

 On an area of ​​127 acres, a city for arts and culture will be established, which includes a music theater and an opera house.

 The Museum of Egyptian Arts and Parts of Modern and Contemporary Art.

 A wax museum that includes statues of dignitaries in Egyptian history and civilization.

 Various ceremonies for sculpture, design and graphic arts.

 The open theater to serve and cater to all segments and talents of society.

 A center for artistic creativity, dedicated to serving creative promising young Egyptians.

The most important residential compounds within the New Administrative Capital:

As we said, the distinctive architectural building and interior decoration inside the new capital made it include the most luxurious projects and residential complexes, including:

1- Anakaji Compound:

His idea is inspired by the character of Nubia in its simplicity and elegance, combining the colors of joyful Nubia that combine the colors of nature and the colors of wood.

The word Anakaji means my home, as it is a beautiful Nubian compound with a modern touch.

- Anakage site:

Anakaji consists of 20 acres characterized by wonderful landscapes in which lies the magic of Nubia.

It is located in the eighth residential neighborhood "R8", plot "I4", adjacent to the diplomatic quarter, which is one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in the New Capital, where the embassies are located.

Anakage Features:

It has the distinction of being the highest level inside the capital, and it also enjoys direct views of the Green River, which in turn is the largest park in the world.

It is located opposite the government neighborhood that contains agencies and ministries, and its proximity to the Presidential Palace, the Opera, the Conference Hall and the Al-Masa Hotel makes it the most important gathering place.

When you choose Anakaji Compound, you will be adjacent to the most important neighborhoods and landmarks of the New Administrative Capital.

There are also many international schools nearby.

Anakage spaces:

After all this offer, it is not surprising that we find Anakage, a full-service compound, in every sense of the word.

Anacaji was built on 10 buildings only, with a total of 800 units, which is the number of units in the compound, and thus it is considered one of the least dense communities in the capital.

As the engineering constructions amounted to only 19% of its total area in order to make way for the facilities, services and green spaces spread throughout it.

- Anakage services:

  Its main street is 80 meters wide and the other street is 60 meters wide.

 The width of the project is 160 meters and its length is 600 meters.

 Anakaji has two entrances, one at its beginning and the other at its end, pursuant to the principle of no crowding and yes for the comfort of its residents.

 Security and guarding services throughout the day.

 Green spaces and water bodies have the lion's share as there is a 1 km long jogging track.

 There are two service commercial areas, each containing the most luxurious stores offering you international brands.

 There are two garages under the buildings.

 There is also one clubhouse for children and the other for adults to give a complete feeling of luxury.

 There is a cultural center and a library.

 Supermarket, bakery, pharmacy and public laundry.

 Restaurants and cafes area with the highest international standards in hotel service.

 Water sports area.

 Nice Nubian style party area.

The company that owns Anakaji:

Aqar Misr for Urban Development is a newly established Egyptian company, however it was able to draw attention to it with its distinctive projects and the luxury of the distinctive interior decoration.

2- Scarta compound:

A residential compound that has achieved great popularity among those who want to live in the New Administrative Capital, as it has many advantages.

Its elegant and innovative designs and its unique divisions that achieve the highest limits of luxury and privacy, with its distinct European touch.

Scarta site:

It is characterized by a vital location in the heart of the New Capital in the R8 area, which overlooks the Green River that connects the regions of Greater Cairo.

It is also located near byAl Sefarat neighborhood and exhibition city, as well as the British University, minutes between it and between the school complex, the cathedral and the medical district.

It is also close to the ministries district and in front of the Opera and the Presidential Palace.

It is distinguished by its location on the most important axes and main roads to facilitate entry and exit for its residents, and it is located in front of the Mohammed bin Zayed axis.

It is also located between several main roads linking the capital with its environs, the most important of which is the regional ring road.

Scarta features:

Scarta Compound is unique in providing the greatest amount of privacy within the units, so all its units enjoy wonderful views of the parks and crystal lakes.

Enjoy its stunning views, vast green spaces and huge industrial lakes that sail you into a world of imagination and keep you away from the world of reality.

Scarta Spaces:

The project was built on an area of ​​20 acres, and its units were designed in a modern style that is distinguished by elegance.

The buildings inside Skarta consist of a ground floor with an entrance and a private garden with seven typical floors.

At the bottom of each building there is its own garage, to prevent crowding and provide a safe environment for children on the streets.

Scarta Services:

The compound includes a vast area of ​​gardens and landscapes, in which special lanes for bicycles and exercise have been established.

Crystal lakes are symmetrically distributed within Skarta so that there is no unit other than overlooking these stunning views.

A commercial mall is the largest containing the largest group of international stores.

Inside Skarta is an administrative building, as well as a medical center and an international nursery, and it has a social and sports club with all the stadiums and games.

For more safety, Scarta provides regular security and guard services.

Free and for the first hundred clients there is a Clubhouse.

 - The company implemented:

Makkah Real Estate Development Company has proven its worth to be honored to work in this gigantic edifice.

3- Roses Compound:

For international classic design enthusiasts, it combines the luxury of construction and sophistication of design. It was established on an area of ​​17 acres.

This compound is located inside the eighth residential district of the fifth plot. It has been divided into residential units and villas.

Besides the abundance of green spaces, swimming pools, mosques and shops.

All of this and more was provided by Gold House, which is the executing company of this sophisticated compound.

4- Sky Capital compound:

It is the compound that is located in the heart of the New Administrative Capital in the eighth district in the third plot on an area of ​​14 acres.

Divided into apartments, villas, and duplexes, it includes swimming pools, a crystal lagoon, a shopping mall, nurseries, health clubs, private jogging tracks, and more.

Better House, the company responsible for the implementation, was keen to get this compound out in the best possible way that you can dream about in a living.

5- Capital Dream compound:

If you like the innovative, sophisticated and modern designs of luxury hotel units, then you are looking for Capital Dream Compound.

The compound is located in the eighth district in the second plot, as it is one of the places that do not have a high population density, where there is calm and luxury.

The compound was built on an area of ​​37 acres that was divided into two parts, the first of which was used for buildings and the other for entertainment and service services.

And other than that, many residential communities, which it is beautiful to talk about, that we have come to live in without seeing them.

May God grant us a comfortable and reassuring living with peace of mind and the comfort of the eye.

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The new administrative capital is the most important compound and the characteristics of life in it
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